Mugs + Bugs

July 27, 2007

~ I’m still a little freaked out about the response to my set last night. I haven’t played solo in a while (all my gadgets at Ramshackle made me feel like I wasn’t alone) and having pin-drop silence during my set was overwhelming. Not that I’m complaining, you always want people to actually be paying attention, but I didn’t expect it. I got a strange fragile Dylan twang in my voice I wasn’t expecting too. 

~ The other day I came home to a kitchen full of houseflies which was entirely devoid of insect life the day previous. I was fully aware that it had to do with some shamefully unwashed dishes and the boxes I’d moved out of the mildewy storage area that morning which must have been full of eggs. Regardless, it seemed like a biblical smiting. I’m not talking about a mere one or two dozen flies but three or four. Needless to say, the flies are all dead now and my window sills look like Cambodian killing fields.

Intersection, dead world + tens

July 26, 2007

~ At the intersection this morning I enjoyed watching the people turning left in front of me. Such a variety of people. BMW driving tropical shirt mustache dude, Jeep driving bad facelift tan woman, beater driving hip-hop trash kids, two cropped-hair, wire-rimmed salesmen in an SUV laughing, etc.

~ Speaking of cars. My car is now visible from space. There’s never any people visible on Google Earth. It’s spooky. Like it’s a planet where one morning everyone had vanished. They must photoshop them all out for privacy reasons. It’s nice to know there’ll be a piece of me left on the internet-hood after I move out of that apartment.

Ten Things About You:

1. Are you in a relationship? 
100% to commence for serious in 23 days!
2. Are you happy?: 
Except for my toothache, very
3. Are you bored?
2nd to last day of work and the boss people aren’t in the office! Interent world here I come!
4. Are you sad?:
I’m sad I’ll be leaving my friends behind.
5. Are you Italian?:
Not to my knowledge.
6. Are you German?: 
50% — but with 100% of the sullen sarcasm
7. Are you Polish?:
I think my relatives occupied Poland for a while.
8. Are you Mexican?:
I like Pacifico.
9. Are you Irish?:
Maybe somewhere in the WASP side of the bloodline.
10. Are your parents still married?:
41 years

Ten Facts

1. Birth Place:
Richmond. In the ballroom of Ikea.
2. Hair Color:
Kind of ash blonde / walnut brown
3. Height: 5’4
4. Hair style:
5. Eye color:
Stone blue
6. Birthday: 
November 30th
7. Mood:
Not in the mood for work.
8. Crush’s name: 
9. Available: 
For musical engagements.
10. Lefty/righty: 

Ten Things About Your Love Life

1. Have you ever been in love?:
I am at the very moment even.
2. Do you believe in love at first sight?:
Of course. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and people say it wasn’t “real” and was just “lust” or soemthing. But those people are lying to themselves. I think crushes get a bum-rap and aren’t taken seriously enough.
3. Why did your last relationship fail?:
Well… I was still fucked up from the previous relationship mostly.
4. Have you ever been hurt?:
5. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?:
6. Would you date someone of a different race?:
I’m pretty sure Nova Scotian counts as a different race, so yes.
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them?:
It’s generally the best policy.
8. Are you afraid of commitment?:
9. Have you hugged someone within the last week?:
Awkward bro-grab with Andrew.
10. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
I just found out a few months ago that I did many years ago. It was more of a secret crush though. They didn’t send me anonymous roses or anything.

Ten This Or Thats

1. Love or lust?:
I won’t settle for anything less than the combination of the two.
2. Hard liquor or beer:
I’m back to beer because it’s summer. In the fall I will revert to wine. Lauren’s Jaeger-Bombs are kind of tasty though.
3. Cats or dogs?: Cat’s 100%. Especially LOCATS.
4. A few best friends or many regular friends?:
Best friends are called “best” for a reason.
5. Television or Internet?:
6. Pepsi or coke?:
Pomegranite juice and Perrier.
7. Wild night out or romantic night in?:
Romantic night out followed by wild night in.
8. Black or white?:
I’m not sure what Michael Jackson is anymore. Sorry, can’t help you there.
9. Night or day?:
The zombies walk by night.
10. IM or phone?:

Ten Have You Ever

1. Been caught sneaking out?:
No. I grew up in Coombs. If I snuck out it was a 45 minute to 1-hr walk anywhere worth being.
3. Done something you regret?:
I don’t harbour regrets. I’ve done bad and/or foolish and/or generally regrettable things which I’d rather I didn’t do and have felt remorse for, but to hang onto the regret is a waste of time and energy.
4. Bungee jumped?:

5. Been on a house boat?:
I don’t think so…
6. Finished an entire jaw breaker?:
7. Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt?:
Lately even.
8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back?:
Yes. I had a bad habit of actually taking them back too.
9. Cried because you lost a pet?:
I think when my dog died. My dad asked why I was crying because I didn’t even like the dog. Then I realised he was right and I stopped crying.
10. Wanted to disappear?:
I spend most of my life assuming I’m invisible. But I’m not it turns out.

Ten Preferences

1. Smile or eyes:
I can only picture a big mouth fill of eyeballs here…
2. Light or dark hair:
I’m not sure I have a prefernce anymore.
3. Hugs or kisses:
This seems like the same as the “this or thats” section. Kisses without hugs are pretty lame.
4. Shorter or taller: Short is good.
5. Intelligence or attraction:
I’m not attracted to stupid people.
6. Romantic or spontaneous:
Don’t see how this is an either/or thing.
7. Best friend or mysterious stranger?:
Could this be rephrased as “Good time or being hacked up in the back of a van”?
8. Hook-up or relationship:
Relationship. Though the worst relationship of my life started as a hook-up. Though I didn’t realise it was a hook-up. Therein lay the problem it turned out.
9. Rough or tender?:
I don’t like being crushed.
10. Play the guitar or in to sports: 

Ten Lasts

1. Last phone call you made:
Must have been Nicole…
2. Last phone call you received:
3. Last person you hung out with:
Stephen and Carissa dropped by the other night.
4. Last person you hugged: 
Asked me that already.
5. Last person you kissed:
Nicole too damn long ago
6. Last person you IMed: 
7. Last text message you received: 
Never done.
8. Last person you went to the movies with:
A theatre full of random people ar Pirates 3.

Wtf happened to 9 and 10?

Apocalypse, mermaids + shadows

July 25, 2007

~ Yesterday I saw an important thing. An empty SUV was idling in the Save-On parking lot so that the AC could be left on while the driver went grocery shopping. It was the first time I’d ever been tempted to “key” a car in a parking lot. Maybe leave a note on the windshield that read “People like you are the reason God doesn’t talk to us anymore.”

~ I heard through the grapevine that also singing at the Mug tomorrow night is the duo of  Susan Young and Mary Lee. Susan is buying my lamps and bookcase.

~ Today my replacement at work, Alice, is shadowing me. I keep saying things like, “Well, that’s how we do it until everything goes to hell. Then we improvise…” and “They won’t tell you what they want, just to change it. So then add more starbursts. They love starbursts…” and “Just get things done fast, aesthetics is secondary to deadlines. But try to be creative so that your head doesn’t explode from doing the same thing over and over…” and “Linda doesn’t come in until 9:30 or 10:00 so mornings are the time you check your email and take it easy before she throws some random job at you she’s dreamed up in her SUV on the way to work that should take you a day but you only have an hour to do.”

Final shows

July 20, 2007

~ Next thursday (26th) I’ll be playing the Shack Records acoustic night at the Mermaid’s Mug. Not sure how I’m being billed. I’m not sure they actually make handbills or posters anymore anyway…   Die Schadenfreude will be playing Rock For Benson III in August if that actually happens. I understand the Legion hasn’t gotten back to Thibs yet. Hope it does because Die Schadenfreude has the potential to be a miserably good time. I hope we play and the set ends slightly more violently than the New Yaki set. I’m not sure anyone else in the band wishes that though… Summer Ramshackle will most likely be on Thursday, August 23rd. 

Wisdom and Noise

July 17, 2007

~ I’m getting my pesky wisdom out on the 30th of July. I got in on the sly. Who needs wisdom? My wisdom has holes in it and I want it gone before moving to Toronto. Toronto is no place for faulty wisdom.

~ I still think there hasn’t been enough discussion devoted to Matt O’Halloran’s booze holster from the Noise Nanaimo show. Only in Nanaimo can packing a mickey like you’re the Clint Eastwood of happy hour not raise an eyebrow.

~ Playing in New Yaki was pretty fun and the fulfillment of a life-long dream. When Andrew and I clashed guitars like randy unicorns or, perhaps, rabid mountain goats, I managed to rip a fret right off my guitar. I was kind of hoping we’d get more violent than that. But I was lo-batt. because I was kind of hung-over from the night before at Jack’s. It was a sneaky hang over that didn’t hit me until about 3 o’clock. 

~ I don’t think I’ll ever look at pink satin the same way again. In fact I may shudder a little every time I see it.

~ I’m formulating plans for Summer Ramshackle: The Long Goodbye. Which, hopefully, won’t be overly long and tiresome. And it might be the final Ramshackle ever.

Assassinz of Light

July 9, 2007

~ I think my favourite review regarding my performance in the EFE set on Saturday was “Sometimes what you were playing made no sense.” I had to agree. There were times when things went horribly wrong. I don’t know if it’s because I could hear myself better because Ken’s amp was further away but I realized my riffs sounded like I’d gone insane. In practice, I had a sweet, sweet sugary-like-honey riff for the chorus in Anxiety that turned out to be in just  entirely the wrong key. So I thought maybe I’d gotten drunk on that beer I drank in Blood Alley and started playing it on different strings. But they all were in the wrong key. Oops, sorry Ken.

~ Last night while going through files on my computer (transferring them to my new Lappy 486) I discovered THIS old guerrilla art website of mine is still live… I’m wondering how many of my other ridiculous sites are live and need deleting… for which I’m sure I’ll never remember the passwords…

~ Pins of Light yesterday was a glorious shambles. A return to form, if you will. Songs getting cut-off mid-point, segments devolving into hysterical giggling… it was tight like a noose.

~ Also the The Choir Practice is the first time I’ve been excited about new music in months. And the first time a Vancouver band (on the atrocious Mint Records no less) has held any interest for me in years. Since The Organ, I suppose… Divine.

Take my cat (and my job)… PLEASE

July 6, 2007

~ I’ve lately become intrigued by the white guys in the Family Stone. Particularily the guy who appears to be wearing a tablecloth. Strange times, huh?

~ It’s time to get serious. My cat, the venerable Dame Gertrude von Muzzlepuff, needs a new home. She’s loving and gorgeous. If anyone would like her or knows someone who might, they should contact me. Lookit that muzzlepuff! I’m not going to be able to bring her to Toronto! Don’t make me give her to a hobo!

~ Also, my job‘s been posted. I can’t take my job to Toronto either. Check it out at this LINK.

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