Who is Mr. Dapper anyway?

Mr. DapperMr. Dapper is decidedly less than dapper fellow named Jakob Rehlinger. He is equal parts podcaster, musician, artist, graphic designer and writer. Here you’ll encounter him as a blogger, the most dubious of all art-forms. He lives in Etobicoke and co-owns three two four cats. You can learn more about Jakob’s projects and his music label, Arachnidiscs Recordings, HERE.

Why does Jakob call himself Mr. Dapper?

The original Mr. Dapper lived in Jakob’s home town of Nanaimo, BC. He was impeccably dressed, had exemplary posture and went by many names over the years. The Walking Man, The Red-Haired Man and The Dapper Man are all monikers people gave him. They all fit. He was, quite literally, a dapper red-haired man who walked briskly around town an awful lot and wore a nice hat. Jakob was obsessed with him for many years, and occasionally resorted to stalking him. The original incarnation of this blog was, briefly, a fictionalized diary of the man.

13 Responses to Who is Mr. Dapper anyway?

  1. Kumar says:

    Good to see you moving to WordPress. I always hated Livejournal with a passion for some reason. There’s a bit in my ego that thinks I was responsible for this somehow (probably something to do with the fact that when Greyson moved to WordPress he mentioned in passing that I was one of the reasons). You see, you don’t even have to do anything and you’re already stroking my ego. I think the way how I turned a comment on your blog to a comment about me shows how much of a raging egomaniac I am.

    Anyways, I look forward to reading dapper things. Good luck. WordPress is all shiny and stuff; you’ll like it.

  2. mrdapper says:

    Yaw, LiveJournal is like the total like… MySpace of blog sites, like, for sure.

  3. Mandi says:

    World’s Greatest Cat Dad!

  4. Miranda says:

    So … does Mr. Dapper (original version) still exist? I was thinking about him the other day …

  5. j allen says:

    Mr. Dapper sounds like George Morrow. My sister used to correspond with him when she was going to Malaspina. She would pass along some of the emails. As I recall, he was the dapperest of them all.

  6. dirtnap says:

    I saw him recently. No canes. He often gets bulk foods and snacks on them as he walks back to his vehicle in the Thrifty’s parking lot. Carrying no other groceries that I can see. Or at least, I’ve seen him doing this at least twice. The whole taking a vehicle to the grocery store thing is evidence enough of his slowing down, I guess.

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