Last night

August 30, 2007

 ~ Tonight is my last night in the 415 and my last night in Nanaimo. I suggest checking the dumpster outside my apartment for random treasures. We got dinner from Manza Vinos. Which is perfect for a disgusting last supper in the neighborhood. We moved my stuff to my parents house in coombs. I am beat. I should have sold ALL my records and CDs. Owning them at all now seems simply retarded. Owning more than a dozen, that is. Owning music by people I don’t know seems silly too. Owning things like graphic design books seems like a form of masochism. Owning stuff is owning me. I may never send for it. We’re having a bonfire of old art and journals tomorrow night. Kill the past.

~ Matt bought the painting of the ex-girlfriend who tried to poison me.

~ Ken was almost killed by a smoothie and we had dinner with him the next day. He was near death and grumpy. Or possibly dazed.

~ Nicole scoured the apartment while my dad and I ran stuff up to Coombs. Nicole is a hero.

~ Tomorrow D. Gertie M-Puff goes to Coombs from where she’ll be picked up by her new owner, Michelle. Who is a nice lady. Who is divorced from a cop and likes cats a whole lot.

~ Last night Lauren, Adam and Kirstjanne picked up two truckloads of loot. That was also goodtimes.

~ I think I own too much stuff.

Out in the rain

August 25, 2007

~ Today it rained. It rained hard. Not hard like a dictator’s steadfast iron will but hard like the pocked knob of an old ball-peen hammer. It rained so hard Nicole ran screaming towards the mall with the umbrella leaving me to lock the car unprotected and scramble after her in a desperate sprint. To reach the relative shelter of the umbrella I had to push aside sheets of rain like layers of silk curtains in a smoke-filled harem. Nicole is a fast runner and was fully halfway across the parking lot before I caught up with her. I was soaked, Nicole slightly less so.

Sold + Souled

August 24, 2007

~ Ramshackle last night went, as most things seem to these days, a little better than I hoped. People actually bought my paintings. I had almost decided to not bother with the art sale portion of the evening but instead it went exceptionally well. It was a pretty emotion-filled evening and even ol’ stone-hearted me got a little misty a few times. It will be a really nice memory to take with me to Toronto. You don’t really realize how bonded with people you are until you move away and feel the tug of those ties. I have to say I’ve managed to surround myself with a lot of really nice, good people. 


August 22, 2007

~ Nicole is here. So far she’s met my folks, Stephen, Carissa, Matt, Jamie, Ken, Rose, Bob and some lady I used to work with ten years ago. People seem to like her fine. We’ve packed up some stuff and we’ve done the town in Nanaimo and Coombs. Coombs has gotten right fucked-up in the last few years it seems. At least the towering Buddhas make for a really odd experience. Right now she’s practicing her songs in the kitchen while I make Sister Ray CDs.

Mini-vans at mini-bazaars, Sister Ray RIP + shackled rams

August 13, 2007

» Yard sales are funny things. I made just enough money for it to be worth the effort. If it hadn’t been for Ken, Jenn and Tracy early-birding the night before, it may not have been. Still, people came and bought stuff. I find it kind of strange that people drive around frantically on saturday mornings going to these heaps of unwanted debris for sale. Lots of them obviously only had limited time to waste on our piddly bazaar and they made it know with their brisk gait as they got back in their mini-vans and SUVs.

»  The very last Sister Ray set ever went… ok. It was awkward and tense but luckily only half as awkward as Wax Mannequin so people probably forgot. Or at least, was genuinely awkward insteadof a carefully crafted act. Oh right, we also got our most noisy, loud, fuzzed-out and dischordant. One total douchebag came up to me and asked if I “played with a key.” I thought maybe he meant a house key for a pick and when I asked him this this he said, “No, in a musical key.” And when I said I we did, he said disbelieving me, “Which one??” Apparently he liked it. Douchefucker. We’re recording tomorrow. A cd which should be available at the below EVENT:

Sale, time, completions + duos

August 8, 2007

~ This saturday (11th) Helen/Steve and I are having a yard sale at Cooper’s (601 St. George — across the tracks from blockbuster / just north of Coyote’s Cafe). I daresay anyone wondering when they might have an oportunity to buy my small household items, furniture, gadgets, books, cassettes, gear and boardgames should consider this the oportune moment. 9am-ish until noon-ish. 

~ As per usual when I’m unemployed, my internal clock slows to a near standstill. If I ever started smoking pot, I think I’d actually start moving backwards in time. I can’t believe it’s noon already. I’ve been up for hours and it feels like I just rolled out of bed. 

~ It looks like before my departure I’ll have the 12th in the 12 CD Babel series, that was begun with Heavy Moon, completed. Sister Ray and Die Schadenfreude are also supposed to record before my departure. In my unemployed coma, It seems like a lot of effort. 

~ I realized Ramshackle: The Long Goodbye has a theme. A few themes, actually, but other than the main theme of throwing myself a goodbye party, the theme is also “Duos.”  Though I think one act might be a trio and one a mono. That’s on the 23rd. Details to come this week.

Blahs + Rahs

August 2, 2007

~ The hole where my wisdom was is healing now, I suspect, as it’s hurting more. This is making me unproductive and it’s driving me nuts as I don’t feel I have time for all this downtime. I’ve got things to do. Things to pack. Banking to be done. Books to sell. Junk to drop off at thrifts. Enough with this watching TV and napping.

~ Sister Ray will be playing at the &Loan on the 12th, it seems, with Wax Mannequin. I guess that’ll be our final hur-rah for a while.

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