Take my cat (and my job)… PLEASE

~ I’ve lately become intrigued by the white guys in the Family Stone. Particularily the guy who appears to be wearing a tablecloth. Strange times, huh?

~ It’s time to get serious. My cat, the venerable Dame Gertrude von Muzzlepuff, needs a new home. She’s loving and gorgeous. If anyone would like her or knows someone who might, they should contact me. Lookit that muzzlepuff! I’m not going to be able to bring her to Toronto! Don’t make me give her to a hobo!

~ Also, my job‘s been posted. I can’t take my job to Toronto either. Check it out at this LINK.


19 Responses to Take my cat (and my job)… PLEASE

  1. bw_inc says:

    Aww kitty! I wish my mom didn’t hate animals! I would totally take her. 😥 And your job. 8D I think I will apply! It’s better than getting a minimum wage job. I’ll probably ask you roughly how much you got paid when you started. I have no idea how much a job like that should be offering and what I should be estimated to get. >.>

    I really hope your kitty finds a good home!

  2. I’d take both if I could! Especially the puss.

  3. atrophe says:

    maybe a picture showing the full rotundness would be more succesful. she looks like a normal cat in that photo and not a furry pumpkin

  4. dorothypoo says:

    jake that is so sad
    your not gonna five her to a shelter are you?
    oh my god won’t your heart be broken?
    i could cry
    i hope someone takes her

  5. mollyroyal says:

    dude im still looking for a home for my two cats. matt is allergic.

    • mrdapper says:

      didn’t you find them a home before you went to chicago?

      • mollyroyal says:

        nope, i was intending on returning so my mom was caring for them. i am/was pretty particular about their care (hoju could very easily be a fat cat if her diet isnt watched) and wanted to make sure they went to someone i trusted. When my dog brady was given to a family that could provide better care (in the form of a farm for running) the woman went crazy, kicked her husband out of the house and tried to turn sweet lovable brady into an attack dog..then turned her to the SPCA…to which she was unhandlable anymore. i got some issues with animals.

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