May 31, 2006

~ I feel like sleep is a physical entity and I have 1000 lbs. of it pushing down on me.

Opening credit: Oportunities (Let’s make lots of money) Pet Shop Boys [as if that’s not the ideal heist movie theme]

Waking up: Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) My Bloody Valentine

Average day: Nothing Natural  Lush

First date: Pedestal  Portishead (that’s some kind of date. I picture it in an opium den)

Falling in love: I can’t stop Smiling  Velocity Girl (suspiciously perfect)

Fight scene: The Best of Jill Hives Guided By Voices (lamest fight scene ever)

Breaking up: What You Left Behind  Velocity Girl (VG know how to score a soundtrack)

Getting back together: Fisherman’s Woman Emiliana Torrini (not a dry eye in the house)

Life’s okay: Alison The Pixies

Mental breakdown: Strangers Portishead

Driving: Frankly, Mr. Shankly The Smiths (It really is a good driving song)

Flashback: Echelons For Against (Damn, that’s a creepy flashback)

Partying: Dig For Fire The Pixies

Happy day: Wake up, Little Sparrow  Devendra Banhart (yeah… that’s a happy happy day)

Regretting: So Hard  Pet Shop Boys (…all time, top five songs about regret)

Long night alone: Exit Flagger Guided By Voices (“I don’t know where I’m off to, I need to find my way out”)

Death scene: The Cripple and the Starfish Antony andThe Johnsons (Brutal!)

End credits: Happy Place  Jesus and Mary Chain (I guess whoever died went there…)


May 31, 2006

~ I signed up for the Free Will mailing list and they still don’t send me my horoscope. Sigh…

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
It would not be a good time to try digging a hole to China. You’d have visa problems once you got there, and might end up under arrest. A better bet would be drilling a tunnel to Australia, where you’d probably get more slack once you arrived. In general, Sagittarius, I heartily recommend any activity that takes you to the polar opposite of where you’ve been hanging out, as long as you’re sure you’ll be welcome there. 

— — — —

Hmmm… All I can think of is places I probably wouldn’t be welcome.

I’m contractually obligated to post this

May 30, 2006

Leave your name and:

1. I’ll respond with something random about you
2. I’ll challenge you to try something
3. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you
4. I’ll tell you something I like about you
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours

New release tuesday.

May 30, 2006

Today’s new release: Amy Millan ‘Honey From The Tombs’

  Being somewhat obsessed with Stars, I’ve been looking forward to this album for a while. Though apprehensively due to the horrible title (oh my stars and garters…). At first listen the album is pretty good. Folkier (almost alt-country) than Stars, but that’s okay because a solo album should sound different. And it’s still her voice in all its breathy stereo-doubled glory… but there’s something here that

is not present on the Stars’ records. something which makes Stars the best
Canadian band since Sloan. The ingredient? Canadiana. This album is too 
damn Canadian sounding. CBC radio is going to eat this up like it’s a back
bacon sandwich with a maple leaf side salad. Worse, it’s americanadiana.
When Canadians play American roots music, it sounds like white guys playing
the blues. Over all, the effect is like Jewel doing Carolyn Mark covers. Or worse,
a female Joel Plasket.

Home improvements won’t go unnoticed.

May 29, 2006

It looks like the Red Haired Man is going to do some painting.

Today in yesterday

May 29, 2006

~ Went on a photographic expedition with Trevor and Daniele. Well, actually Trevor had no camera. We went to the rail yards and took pictures of rust and pictures of wood. Sometimes pictures of rust and wood. Also, Daniele found a stash of womens’ panties. I say women plural as there was quite a variety of sizes and styles. From small thongs to large grannies. It was really the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in Nanaimo in quite a long time. We documented this in photographs as well. Though I later wondered what the film tech at London Drugs thought when they developed them. Especially since my new userpic was also on that roll.

~  Sat in on Pins of Light. Stephen and I tried to banter on par with Kristjanne and Erin. Of course, we have the strangle hold on awkward dead air. No one can touch us there. Also, I lie more on air than any radio personality bar none. Bar none.

~  There was this dude I saw outside of CHLY who was “boxer jogging” walking. Like with a lot of shoulder movement. He had a sketchy fast walking friend. I was disturbed to see them, later, walking down the tracks by my apartment.

~  Went to a dance party. It started out, well, I won’t mince words, it started out pretty lame. Nice and all, but pretty lame. I mean, the hosts were cool, but the party was not started and not getting started and no one was stepping up to get the party started. But in the end, it became the rage-rocker of the year. There were also two sketchy dudes from the hotel who had two cases of beer and a doobie and who sat on the doorstep begging to be let in all night. So anyway, bon voyage Chris Clark.

Oh my stars and garters!

May 27, 2006

~  X-Men III… officially my favourite, most fun, cinematic experience since Underworld. Kelsey FUCKING Grammer. The man is a thespian. No… a thespian and a half.  He gets 50% more thespianism due to being totally recognizable under 150 pounds of latex, coloured contacts and probably some CG enhancement as well.  I suspect though, half the fun was going with Kristjanne and Lauren. In fact I recommend going to any movie with them. But if you’re not going with them, I suggest not sitting directly in front or behind them.  That is my caveat.

~  I felt  my victorian engraving userpics were beginning to influence my LJ personality. So it’s back to actual photos.  “Emo” photos evidently.

~  To my utter amazement, some of the pics on that roll of film turned out.  Taking more photos tomorrow.

new Flickr set

May 26, 2006

San Francisco Indoor Gardening Expo poster
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

I’ve posted most of this stuff on here already, but I’ve created a graphic design set on my flickr account with some new stuff too.


May 26, 2006

~ Pentti’s losing his mind. He’s wearing a poster as a hat.

~ Determined to go to the cinema this weekend. Determined. I believe X-Men III opens. I have 78% expectation of not actually going to the cinema. Based on last weekend’s not going to the cinema when I had four days off. But you see, there was only Da Vinci Code to see and I chose not to “BE PART OF IT” as the television is suggesting I should. Finally, a movie campaign targeting peoples’ anxiety over not being able to join in on the water-cooler conversations. Brilliant. “Everyone knows our movie is crap, but you still need to see it if you’re planning on going to any cocktail parties in the next two months.”

~ Determined to finish this roll of film. Four frames left. Maybe I’ll force Bentley to pose for me.

“Need some love pi11s? So, why go to your local dr@gstore? Why waste time and extra money? Why let people know about your intimate life? Evil-wishers are always around to spread rumors.
We give you the issue! Make a quick, secure and ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL purchase online and receive your LICENSED love life enhancer right to your door! No privacy exposure, no time wasted, no exorbitant pri$es! Start a super life now!”

I get a little under 1000 of these e-mails a day on my work address. Not just these sorts of e-mails, but this e-mail. I also get a lot of shady stock market tips. And Rolex offers. There is no variety in spam anymore.

34 Reactions

May 25, 2006
Type your first reaction when you hear these 34 words (don’t spend time thinking – just your gut reaction please):

1. I need a cigarette: Chelsea’s mad at me.

2. Sex: Oh crap.

3. Relationships: “There are others, to be sure. There are always others. You seem to be one to know the difficulties between men and women. How seldom it works out.” David Lo Pan, Big Trouble In Little China (John Carpenter, 1986)

4. Your Last Ex: Fondness.

5. Power: The circle with a line half out of it power button thing.

6. Marijuana: Growth enhancers and nutrients

7. Crack: A cereal box with the word “CRACK!” popping out of it.

8. Food: A poorly designed menu featuring over saturated pictures of glistening burgers and fries.

9. This President: Al Gore

10. War: A U.S. marine with his arm around an armless Afghani child.

11. Cars: Shiny

12. Gas Prices: Meh, shrug, whatevs

13. Halloween: Grade 3 crafts involving black paint and wax crayons. Mine didn’t turn out. Mine never did.

14. Bon Jovi: Grade 8 gym class.

15. Religion: Nae

16. LiveJournal: Anticipation and apprehension

17. Worst Fear: Being knifed and having my guts spill out.

18. Marriage: Still hoping, in spite of my track record.

19. Fashion: Katherine.

20. Brunettes: Janet from Three’s Company

22: Work: Work? Livejournal!!

23: Pass the time: Throwing frisbees, eating fried chicken.

24: Football: Tom Arnold.

25: One night Stands: Incapable of ‘closing the deal’ or really even suggesting a deal could be made.

26: Pet Peeve: Mismanagement

27: Pixie Stix: Those huge ones at Thirfties Foods I’m always tempted to buy but never do.

28: Vanilla Ice Cream: Maple syrup. Try it!

29: Porta Pottie: Evan running down the street with toilet paper. Don’t ask.

30: High school: Aching loneliness and ennui

31: Pajamas: Mickey Mouse

32. Wood: The smell of sawdust and a feeling I don’t belong here

33. Surfers: A really stoned Sean Penn

34. Pictures: Flickr

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