POEM 008/100

May 30, 2012

To stand on a street corner

and conduct a conversation with a person

invisible to others


This is no longer seen as a sign of madness

but of being well-adjusted

to our society

POEM 007/100

May 25, 2012

The smashed, headless lawn jockey

rocked like a baby

swaddled in algae

in the gentle current of the storm drain

POEM 006/100

May 23, 2012

The first few dozen times we broke up

I would cry

boy, would I cry

and she would silently judge me

relieved to no longer be lumbered

with a boy who’d cry at anything

as pedestrian

as rejection


Years later

like an irritating joke

the spark of delight faded

from its all too familiar punchline

I would not cry


Years later still

when she began to cry

I lost all interest

POEM 005/100

May 21, 2012

A box of junk on the side walk:

          The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding 

          by Arnold Schwarzenegger;

          Puppies For Dummies; A set of glass bottles

          full of glitter in rainbow colours

Huddled together, these items

tell a story of someone who wanted them


POEM 004/100

May 20, 2012

Yesterday, I wrote a poem

With my favourite pen

{ink smooth as warm blueberry jam}

I scratched out every line

Someone might have read it

POEM 003/100

May 17, 2012

Warm spray of the shower

runs down my cheeks

half an hour dissipates like steam

and the memory of my cousin —


Ice cold water from a garden hose

nozzle pressed to my forehead

until tears run

POEM 002/100

May 15, 2012

Bicycles chained to metal posts

so much like their owners

—just waiting to be ridden

POEM 001 / 100

May 12, 2012

People who compliment me

on how full my beard has grown

seldom take it well when I say the same

about their bellies

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