June 29, 2006

~ Seems I have Bentley for a day or two. The cutest thing EVAR: Bentley and The Dame sniffing noses hello. Not that either looked super happy about it. But cute none the less.

I’m temped to act like a weekend dad and spoil Bentley, but… I have no idea how you can spoil a cat more than their regular daily existence of being waited on hand and foot.

If you can read this…

June 29, 2006

RSVP if you need directions. Comment or call 754-7459.
Out of town people… SEE what kind of fun you’re missing not living in Nanaimo?!


June 27, 2006

So, when I was getting rid of the excess furniture, I dropped a CD shelf on my toe.  I can’t tell if it’s getting better or worse. It certainly is hurting a lot right now. I’m pretty sure the bone is fractured, but it’s hard to say. I don’t have digital camera, so I had to scan it, which took some doing. See below.

Dumpster is the place to be

June 27, 2006

~  Lastnight when I got home from an errand, there was a young man (14-16) slumped behind the dumpster smoking. I think he may have been crying, but it was hard to tell as he was a) embarassed I’d caught him and b) looked terrified. I assume there was some kind of S.E. Hinton drama going on there.

~  This morning this dude (25-40) was snooping around the dumpster. He was bone thin, had a whispy pony tail, pencil moustache, round spectacles, charcoal cargo pants and a square SS style military jacket. He was sketchy on a whole new level for this neighborhood.

I confess

June 26, 2006

Montgomery Clift sure was a dreamy fellow. Like a prettier Morrissey

~  Finally got rid of all the excess furniture in various ways. Now I just need to scrub the floors and I’ll feel comfortable having company over. This means boardgame party. I’m a little short on guest seating though.

~  I drank a lot of beer yesterday. Had a beer with my dad after we disposed of the aforementioned furniture. Then I had five beers with Ken while we watched the aforementioned Montgomery Clift in a rather decent Hitchcock. Then when I got home, Stephen was waiting for me on my steps. So I had a beer with Stephen. It was his birthday. After Stephen left, another beer for good measure seemed to be in order to do some writing while pretty much gooned. I wrote about how I was so drunk I mistook a glass bead on the floor for a very quick and wiley insect which I had to kill with a hammer since my beer bottle couldn’t damage it at all. Like I said, I drank a lot of beer yesterday. And all I ate was a bag of ketchup chips. This is why I can’t keep beer in my fridge or cookies in my cupboard — no self control.

~  Last night it was the hottest it’s been in my apartment since my first summer there. In order to fall asleep, I had to resort to laying in the tub half submerged in cold water for half an hour. I planned on staying in until my teeth began chattering, but my body heat began to warm the water instead . When I got out, I didn’t even have to towel off. By the time I made it back to bed, I was bone dry. I can only imagine what Gertie is going through with that fur coat.

How  “scene” are you?

[ ] You own more than 4 bandanas.
[ ] You wear your jeans tighter than tight.
[ ] You wear flats and converse.
[ ] You wear long beaded necklaces && fake pearls.
[ ] You wear studded belts.
[ ] You shop @ thrift stores.
[ ] You make your own clothes.
[ ] You wear shirts of bands you’ve never heard of.
[ ] You buy shirts from the little boys section.
[ ] You wear more clothing layers than an eskimo.
[ ] You love to wear bright colors.
[ ] You borrow your boyfriend [or girlfriend’s] clothes.
[ ] You wear or would wear skinny jeans that go in @ your ankle.
Total: 0

[x] You cut your own hair.
[ ] You have 2 or more different colors in your hair.
[ ] You have a mullet.
[ ] You spend more than 15 minutes straightening &/or styling your hair every day.
[ ] You own more than 20 hair products.
[x] You don’t wash your hair everyday.
Total: 2

[ ] You’re sXe, but just because you’re a minor.
[ ] You love God.
[ ] You’re a vegetarian.
[ ] You love going to shows & beating up invisible people.
[ ] You’re in love w/yourself.
[ ] You think you’re a gangsta.
[x] Your music is better than everyone else’s.
Total: 1

[ ] You have x’s in your screename.
[ ] Your myspace pictures show less than half of your face.
[ ] Your comments &/or friends are hidden on your profile.
[x] You check your myspace @ least every day.
[ ] You bought a sidekick just so you could check your myspace.
total: 1

[ ] Robots
[ ] Dinosaurs
[ ] Hello Kitty
[ ] Makeup
[ ] Little kid jewelry & hair stuff
[ ] Animal Prints
[ ] Piercings
[ ] Tattoos
[ ] Stars
[ ] Stripes
[ ] Polkadots
[ ] Huge sunglasses
[ ] Camo
Total: 0

[ ] mall goths
[x] Annoying people
[ ] Curly hair
[x] Mean Kids
Total: 2

Total: I’m a whopping 12% scene.

(Multiply your score by 2. Post as “_ _% Scene)


June 24, 2006

~  No one likes my Blixa Bargeld answering machine message. It’s been called “unreasonable.”

~  I’m terrible, I totally ditched two of my favourite people tonight in order to go to a movie with two others of my favourite peoples. Prairie Home Companion is very good. An Altman movie that is coherent.  With some amazing lines by Kevin Kline. At anyrate I promise to make it up to the ditchies somehow or other.

~  Today I was carded at the liquor store. The clerk looked really confused by my age. Then the next guy in line, who was buying vodka, asked not to be made fun of for buying “girl shit.” The clerk said, “Hey, that’s 40% alcohol. Half a bottle fo that’ll get’cha plonkered. Better yet, it’ll get the girls plonkered.”

“I hate all the orphans in the world”

June 23, 2006

Nacho Libre was quite enjoyable. The amount of grub on everyone at all times was inspired. The plot was less inspired — typical satire of the archetypal hero’s journey. Plus, forced to endure only two Tenacious D-esque songs.

Who you go to movies with, I now realize, is one of the most important choices in life. Without Makito‘s infectious laughter, I doubt it would have been half as funny. 

I felt bad about dragging Kai out though, as I was pretty sure he was going to die before the third act. I would assume he’s alive and mowing dead people today. It’s a beautiful day for it. I wish I had a job mowing dead people.

A is for age: 33
B is for booze: Need some. Need some now.
C is for career: Graphizzo Desizznit
D is for date of birth: End of November
E is for essential items to bring to a party: Wit
F is for favorite song at the moment: “Incinerate” Sonic Youth
G is for girlfriend: Gone, daddy, gone
H is for hometown: Coombs
I is for instruments you play: Guitar, bass, drums, keys
J is for jam or jelly you like: Raspberry
K is for kids: No, Trix are for kids.
L is for living arrangements: Lonely
M is for mom’s name: No, L is for my mom’s name.
N is for name of your best friend: Ken, I guess.
O is for overnight hospital stays: Yes, zerO
P is for phobias: Wasps, knife wounds, Skiing
Q is for quote you like: “Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement.”
R is for relationship that lasted longest: 7
S is for sexual position: Unemployed
T is for time you wake up: 6:30
U is for unique trait: Laugh of mirth
V is for vegetable you love: Brox
W is for worst trait: Lack of empathy.
Y is for your food you make: I make everything I eat.
Z is for zodiac sign: Saggy


First job: Dad’s machine shop
First funeral: That guy that died in highschool… forgotten his name. Last name was Richie because his dad was my busdriver and was a total dick. Probably because his wife had committed suicide. Anyway, everyone went to his funeral because he fell asleep at the wheel on his way home after being the designated driver and everyone loves tragic irony.
First tattoo: No tats. Some scars.
First credit card: The one I got when I was laundering Petra’s money.
First kiss: Lydia Martin at the highschool dance
First enemy: Wolfgang. But he was everyone’s enemy. A real piece of work.
First favorite musician: Leonard Cohen


Last kiss: I don’t even remember. You never think it’s the last kiss until months later.
Last movie watched: Nacho Libre
Last beverage drank: The juice of the apple
Last food consumed: Subway
Last phone call: Rob from Teldon Printing
Last time showered: Had a bath last night
Last CD played: Soul Explosion by The Daktaris


Single or Taken: Broken
Sex: A few months back someone wrote “100% manflesh” on my arm with a jiffie. I think I’m down to 85%
Siblings: I killed them in the womb.

Hair color: Thinning
Eye color: Grey
Shoe size: Dainty
Height: Nonthreatening

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