POEM 021/100

June 30, 2012

Bright plumage to attract a mate

Camouflage to elude a predator

—So many people choose the wrong option

POEM 020/100

June 29, 2012

Hackles like lumps of unbaked dough

eyes the colour of blue cheese dressing

a shaved scalp like a fresh hog carcass


He had the jowly look of a man

who’d had, at least once in his life,

another man killed

POEM 019/100

June 26, 2012

We joked with the neighbours

he wasn’t long for this world—

and he wasn’t

POEM 018/100

June 21, 2012

He never had the chance

to experience

so many things


Like being neutered


POEM 017/100

June 20, 2012

Knelt beside the curb where our kitten lay dead

I touched your back

and noticed you’d put your sweater on inside out

POEM 016/100

June 18, 2012

The first time I kissed a girl

was at the school dance

of all possible clichés


I was 16

and not too drunk

on nerves

to notice the taste

of stale cigarette smoke

on her tongue

POEM 015/100

June 16, 2012

I was fifteen

when a girl finally wanted me to kiss her

I realized a dozen years too late

POEM 014/100

June 15, 2012

The first time I was alone with a girl

in her bedroom

a girl I wanted to kiss, I mean

I was about 14


It was the night before

Erica’s trip to California

over spring break


She was excited as a flock of seagulls

fighting over french fries on the beach

she squawked and bounced off the walls

as I sat on her bed

oblivious to her every word


Between my nerves

and my absurdly tight jeans

I had the worst gas pains

and silently listened

to sweat bead on my forehead


When she returned

Erica was oddly cool towards me

having kissed an older boy

in the warm California sun

POEM 013/100

June 13, 2012

The first time I asked a girl out on a date

I was 13 years old

and I did so on the phone


The girl’s name was Alicia

the phone was black

and more importantly

hidden in the garage


A high-pitched voice answered

her younger sister

so I asked for Alicia

Alicia’s sister put down the phone

and went to fetch Alicia


Moments later

a somewhat deeper voice said hello

I said wouldyouliketogooutwithme? 



Once she stopped laughing she said

this is Alicia‘s mother

so, again, I asked for Alicia


Moments later

Alicia said she wasn’t allowed to date

until she was 13

I thought geez 

your mother could have saved me

the trouble 


Days after her 13th birthday

Alicia moved to California

POEM 012/100

June 8, 2012

At a friend’s burlesque performance

I am shocked

to discover I’m a bit of a prude

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