Um… okay… BUT WHY??

November 28, 2005

(HealthDay News) – The more education you have, the greater your risk for Parkinson’s disease – and doctors may be among those at highest risk.

That’s the conclusion of unusual research in the Nov. 22 issue of the journal Neurology.
Researchers from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minn., studied the education levels and occupations of Parkinson’s disease patients living in Olmsted County, Minn., and compared them to people in the general population.

The medical information was collected from the records-linkage system of the Rochester Epidemiology Project to identify all those people in the county who developed Parkinson’s from 1976 through 1995. Their education and occupation was determined through phone interviews and a medical records review.

The study found that people with at least nine years of education were at increased risk of Parkinson’s disease and the risk increased with more education. Doctors had a significantly increased risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Construction workers, miners, oil well drillers, production workers, metal workers and engineers, occupations with presumed high physical activity, had a significantly decreased risk, the study also found.


November 26, 2005

There was this guy in front of me paying for his sandwich with his Visa. He was holding up the printout waving it in the cashier’s face.

Customer: Can you tell me why I don’t have to sign this?

Sandwich Artist: What was it? Visa? We have an agreement with —

Customer: What I want to know is why I didn’t have to sign it.

Sandwich Artist: We have an agreement with —

Customer: If I don’t have to sign it, what’s preventing someone from stealing my card and using it?

Sandwich Artist: We have an agreement with the company where we don’t require a signature for transactions less than $25.

Customer: Oh, um, okay then.

This raises a beef I’ve had with credit card users for several years od my “career” working in retail. Older customers especially will often get uptight if I don’t check the signature on their card against the receipt they signed. Think about it, if you stole a credit card, wouldn’t you spend a few minutes perfecting the signature on the back of the card (or at least getting it reasonably close) before trying to use it. Whenever I sign my slips, my signature never looks anything like it does on the back of the card — I’ve never gotten the hang of being able to sign the backs of cards, too fiddly. Chill out, people. Just accept if people want steal your card to buy thousands of dollars of Subway sandwiches, they’ll find a way to do it.


November 24, 2005
You scored as The Cheshire Cat. Congratulations! You’re the only character in Wonderland who has sense enough to bow out when the going gets rough.

The Cheshire Cat


The Red Queen


The White Rabbit




The Catapillar


The Mad Hatter


Could you survive Wonderland?
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Babel, babble

November 23, 2005

The poetry slam was a success it seems. If you like your poetry overcrowded and uncomfortable. Generally, overall, I’ve heard worse poetry, which was a pretty good thing. Only one poet made me, unintentially, laugh out loud and no one really made me cringe. Still don’t think they needed Babel there for intermission music and Winamp or iTunes would have been as good or better.

Speaking of Babel, this CD is now available. 11 tracks, 4 different colour options, $5.99.

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Sample mp3. Alternate “version” of: Track 02 ‘Shadows In The Alley’
—Available for 7 days or a limited number of downloads

Sapho. Nightmare. Firing. Stuffing. Babel.

November 21, 2005

Chelsea’s Sapho book has gone missing.

+ + +

Last night I had some sort of nightmare.

+ + +

The first thing I saw at work today was a woman cleaning out her desk. I don’t know why she showed up at 8:20 to clean out her desk. If I had to come in just to clean out my desk, I’d wait until at least noon. She didn’t even say goodbye to anyone, and none us realized what she was doing until it was all revealed in the staff meeting. The next order of business was to talk about how the christmas party is an all-paid overnight party at the Laurel Point Inn in Victoria.

+ + +

We had American Thanksgiving dinner tonight (i.e. the inclusion of Stove Top stuffing). Then realized American Thanksgiving is on thursday.

+ + +

I’m playing, as Babel, some between sets music at the Portal poetry slam tomorrow. Armani’s Grill, 7pm.

“He said you can have it!”

November 20, 2005

Rope. The attempts to conceal the edits are ridiculous to the point of being, er, pointless. Other than conceivably being able to film the movie entirely in one day, I’m not sure the illusion of one shot added anything to the pacing or provided any other benefit. Actually filming the movie in one shot would have a had a point of sorts. But filming a movie in four or five shots and trying to make it seem like one, not so much.

Had a, I think, successful “probably not the Clap” recording session upstairs at Ken’s while, downstairs, Jen watched The Last Unicorn and knitted and refused to take part in the record-a-thon. Extreme psyche tones. The song that uses the creaking of ken’s bedroom floor… brilliant.

Went into the new, smaller, Midland Liquidators for the first time today. Not sure what they’re trying to accomplish there. Same old crap, but less of it. And a full half of the store is devoted to those hideous blankets. Who’s buying those?

Chelsea is a paper writing machine today. Machine.

Some days.

November 18, 2005

Some days you just wish you never got out of bed. This is one of those days. Exhausted in every conceivable way.

What I wanna know is…

November 17, 2005

There’s lots of blaxploitation soundtrack compilations, but where are all the the kung-fu movie soundtrack compilations?

I wonder if there was a german equivalent to blaxploitation films. Krautsploitation.

+ + +

The boss (magazine job) took me aside the other day to discuss benefits for when I become full-time. Seems I’ll have use of his condo in Mexico ten days of the year.

The boss (record store) made me livid the other day by lecturing me, as soon as I walked through the door, about paying out too much for a stack of anime DVDs. Fine, except I asked him specifically if he wanted to pay that much for the stack of DVDs, which I showed to him, because I thought it added up to a little too much for something no one in Nanaimo seems to want to buy. But he okayed the deal and I wrote up the sale. I guess he forgot, hence the lecture a month later. Which almost had me turning around and going home.

The boss (newspaper) is addicted to seaweed strips and plays a banjo.

+ + +

Phone message:

“Um… hello. I found a beautifully coloured cat on rosehill. I was wondering if you lost it. It had a tag that said, I think, ‘ORSON’ and … uh… ‘feed me’ I kinda wondered about that because the cat looks kinda… fat (click).”

Phone message 2:

“I just called and left a message about your cat. I hope it’s not lost. It was out by 7-11. Well, on Rosehill. Call me if it’s lost. My number is ###-####. I hope it’s not lost.”

Some sort of stigmata

November 14, 2005

I have this strange little cut on my right hand pinkie. It’s about 2 millimeters long and quite deep. I swear it just appeared and started bleeding when I arrived at work. I wonder if it’s connected to my left hand pinkie which is numb.

+ + + +

Survived the gong-show for another issue. Totally bringing headphones to seclude myself in next time. Angry young rebels are one thing. Angry young rebels who have a beef with punctuation and capitalization are quite another.

+ + + +

My uncle sent me a really crazy 3’x4′ screen-print the other week. It’s a line drawing of a guy with a swaztika in his mouth — the caption reads: “An objection a day keeps the Nazis away.” I’d better send him a thank-you note this week before he starts his usual progressively more obsessive chain of reminders I’m behind in my correspondence.

Bye bye black cat

November 11, 2005

Image hosted by

Sent Mr. Blackula off with Miss Finx today. I’ll miss the annoying little brute, but things should be calmer here without him making Bentley all paranoid. Mostly I won’t miss him waking me up at 6:45 in the morning wanting breakfast on days I’m trying to sleep in. Our other cats don’t do that. They wait like civilized human beings. Though, of course, they are not — they’re feline beings.

Ken has made me devote all of Sunday the 20th to him but won’t tell me for what. Chelsea has made me promise not to do anything illegal.

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