February 28, 2006

Good Things:

+ Michael Gira sending me an email telling me my Akron article was well written.

+ Apparently people ARE talking about going to Ramshackle.

+ Chelsea got an A+

Bad Things:

– My knee suddenly feeling like someone had taken a hammer to it.

– Waking up with a cold to replace the flu I’d just disposed of.


February 27, 2006

THE POWER was out again this morning. We should get a break on our Hydro bill due to the frequency of service disruptions in this area. And they aren’t short little outages either but multi-hour dark ages. The slightest breeze seems to topple our power grid, it’s ludicrous.

I’M GETTING NERVOUS about Ramshackle on Thursday night. Though there was a good omen, The League of Fantastic had what I consider the second worst practice/jam of our short career. It’s always good luck to have a lame practice right before a gig. I don’t know why it works that way. I hope Akron/Family aren’t too pissed off if no one comes. I imagine they’ve had shitty gigs in snall towns all across North America so it should be okay. I don’t want to be around when they see their rooms above the Cambie though. No, I think I’ll be on my way home at that point…

Real men keep it hidden

February 25, 2006

I haven’t been able to locate the origin of the mysterious “dog” smell in the bathroom.


February 25, 2006

A spark of amusement.

I feel like a tornado

February 25, 2006

It was probably because I came home with a fever that yesterday seems like a strange hallucinatory dream. Except that I know the bad parts actually happened. But also the good parts. Though they seem too bittersweet today and feel like a punch in the stomach.

It was snowing earlier. Big feathery flakes that melted where they landed. They left no trace. I hardly believe it happened.

Sliver lining

February 24, 2006

I’m at work on my day off. That’s the best thing about today.

A story

February 23, 2006

He looks at his watch. It’s still a bit early to take his lunch but he doesn’t think he can wait much longer. He doesn’t think he can stand being in the office a second longer solving problems and making conversation. The solving problems would be okay if he didn’t have to make small-talk to do it. The Sun had just come out when he’d looked at his watch but it’s already slipped by behind some clouds. His boss and his coworkers are talking about how is was snowing in the morning and it’s sunny now. But it isn’t really sunny, just sunnier and not snowing. He doesn’t think he can stay in the office a second longer but he has nowhere to go on his lunch.

The boss goes, “Did we get a cheque from those guys?”

The administrative assistant, she goes, “We got a fax from them.”

He looks out the window again and the Sun looks like it’s coming out again. The sun is coming out but it doesn’t matter, he has nowhere to go on his lunch. Maybe, he thinks, he could get in his car and drive somehwere. Maybe no one would notice if he never came back from his lunch. But he has nowhere to go.

The boss is standing beside his desk holding a document he’d taken away with him before discussing snow and sunshine. The boss goes, “I’m sorry, did you need this? I just grabbed it from you.”

“Naw, I was done with it.”

Big smiles pass between them as if they are playing Pong with their teeth as paddles and glints of light as the ball.

The administrative assistant goes, “What should I have for lunch?”

The sales person goes, “What do you feel like?” and then they say some other things they say every day around this time.

The Sun has come out and gone away several times since he last thought about heading out the door and getting into his car and driving away and maybe even leaving town. He looks at his watch but doesn’t even bother to read the time on it. He’s really getting hungry now and he wants to leave. But he has nowhere to go.

Leather hands

February 22, 2006

My hands feel like they’re made out of leather today. I guess they are, really. Only not cured and tanned or stretched out on a frame. But basically the same material. Though it’s true, I don’t have cow DNA so it’s not really the same at all.

Stereo, books, zooming in

February 22, 2006

I’ve got my headphones on at work today. There’s this one O’Donel Levy track that has the kit to the left and congas to the right. No one really does that kind of crazy percussion separation these days. Stereo is generally relegated to ambient reverb width. A lost art.

I remembered to bring my library books in today. Now I just have to remember to take them out of my car and carry them across the street.

Chelsea introduced me to Google Earth last night. I find it somewhat disturbing there’s spy satellite photos of my apartment. All the zooming made my fledgling headache into a whopper though.

Jerry Bruckheimer is naked.

February 21, 2006

The problem I have with TV these days is that production values are just slick enough to mask the fact there isn’t really any drama or story going on. Most are based on formulas so carefully constructed, and perfected over several decades, they create a sort of entertainment quicksand which is at once impossible to escape from and entirely devoid of substance. The once solid ground of primetime drama has been slowly eroded by the rain of money that’s been showered on the producers of the new pre-fab, fast-food style programming.

This is all rather obvious and unimportant.

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