Flickr update

April 29, 2005

Chelsea signed me up for a Flickr account and suggested I post pictures of my paintings which are slowly covering every inch of available wall space in our apartment. These are only snapshots and some of the more textural pieces didn’t photograph at all well with the flash. Eventually I’ll try and steal the lights from Scott up at Mala and do ’em up right.

or straight to a slideshow:

…and all these are FOR SALE (except the Valentine’s one).

Today I saw David.

April 28, 2005

I’ve been somewhat on the fence about it but I am now fully ready to endorse G.W. Bush as the antichrist. His new “coal and nuclear plan” tipped has him over the edge into entirely surreal territory.

1020 seconds

April 26, 2005

17 minutes is the exact perfect length for a surrealist movie. After that, it gets to be too much.

Tomorrow we attempt to make salt water taffy.

Parents are nice.

April 25, 2005

Today we cleaned the apartment. That is, my parents did, with our assistance. So to anyone who’s been to our apartment in the last 8 months, well, the last year and a half, it’s actually clean now. I wouldn’t eat off the floor. But it’s clean. May post photographic proof at some point. We also got rid of that horrible couch I let Finkanie leave behind.


April 22, 2005

I’ve been feeling out of sorts the last few days. I haven’t been able to put my finger on exactly what is wrong until tonight. While we were out on a walk, I realized it is the state of extreme, profound calmness in which I’ve been existing. Sanguine and languid.

So sad

April 22, 2005

The ram I salvaged from an old computer was only 36mb. I doubt I’ll notice a difference.

Thrift hot rock-on cats?

April 21, 2005

—Facinating has a new home.

—I purchased some chipotle the other day and my wraps have become heavenly.

—Suddenly, people have begun to purchase bushels of Clap cds.

—Chelsea is trying to convert me to Flickr. What will I post?

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