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July 31, 2005

The Fascinating Rhythm signage I designed has been installed. It took a while, but it’s done and it looks great. (Helen made me nick the “rhythm tote” girls. I’m normally against that kind of thing.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and the window application:
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Pure silky heaven

July 28, 2005

Wearing the pure silk shirt my mom brought back from China for me some three years ago for the first time this evening. Not only is it the only garment I own that isn’t stifling in this weather, it’s slimming as Richard Simmons on a meth and espresso cocktail.

Suddenly, all The Urbane Decay CD’s sold out. That was unexpected. Also the CHLY Sessions sold out too.

Some great somewhat rare alt rock / indie records at fascinating now. The first Dinosaur record (Ken?) for instance.

Wisdom of Bill

July 27, 2005

I’m not a fan of this many degrees of heat. I can’t get behind that.

I haven’t heard back from either of the jobs I applied for. I thought I’d get called in for an interview for at least one of them. At least. I can’t get behind that.

I thought Chelsea was watching a documentary on The Beatles but no, it’s Ashton Kutcher on Oprah. It sounds like he may be boiling the audience in oil. Judging from the screaming. The incessant screaming. I can’t get behind that.

On the way to Flatbed practice.

July 26, 2005

In the alley behind Mike T’s there was this young couple taking up the lane with a BBQ theyw ere trying to get into the back of their pick-up. They just looked at me and made me wait a full five minutes before pulling the truck over. Even Matt O’Halloran passed me on his bike.

What is that… up in the sky…

July 24, 2005

Chelsea said, “What does that banner say? Half carbs…?”

I squinted at the plane circling the harbour, trailing a banner. After a few seconds I read aloud, “Bait cars are everywhere.”

What a nice message to greet the tourists visiting the marine festival with.

Also the military presence was unreal. The troops manning the “starting” cannon were fine. But there was a table where kids could hold bazookas and machine guns to “get a feel” for them.

Also the giant inflatable child-eating Ronald McDonald was a little terrifying.

Last night on Conan

July 23, 2005

Tim Robins was relating a conversation he has with his 13 year olf son about what would be the worst tattoo to get. “Probably the face of one of the guys in Kiss. Like Peter Criss.” Damn.

Today, noticing how tanned Ken is, I called him swarthy. It didn’t go over well.

tron bug

July 22, 2005

Today Bentley is cleaner and meaner.

We’re going to watch the bathtubs on sunday. It will be my first time ever.

Today two strangers asked me about the ring I’m wearing around my neck. I tucked it into my shirt after that.

Today I found a bunch of tapes from the Parksville electro scene circa 1994. Good times.


July 22, 2005

Oh geez, the “Tommy Lee Goes To College” show looks like it’s gonna be good.

I bought the wrong Goldbond for Chelsea. There’s dust everywhere now. And Bentley is filthy for some reason.

The Agatha book of short stories I’ve been reading has taken an unexpected turn to the gothic horror.

I have been willed an old man car.

Ken will hate it.

July 16, 2005

Well, I thought Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was wicked-rad. Though being surrounded by rowdy girls, not so wicked-rad. The oompaloompa songs are greatly improved over the Wilder version. And I thought Depp made a good Wonka despite what I’d heard. In fact, it was actually a lot better than the original which I thought was untoppable. Though it was like a remix, more than a remake. I may even go as far as to say it’s one of Burton’s top three. We saw Jen and Amanda there but they totally ignored us. Burn.

Quote of the day

July 14, 2005

“I didn’t realize David Suzuki was such a HIPPY.
~Chelsea Damen

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