Not much to update

January 31, 2006

I’ve been informed that my livejournal is boring and lacking in content.

Wake. Shower. Eat. Drive. Work. Eat. Work. Drive. Eat. Watch TV. Sleep.

I suppose I could go into more detail.

Wake groggy. Shower after feeding cats. Shave in the shower. Put coffee on, eat 1/2 cup of All Bran while watching YTV. Drive deciding if I should listen to CBC or the Pere Ubu tape sitting half in the player. Think about how I don’t really need a left turn signal. Enter office with coffee in hand, make my hellos. Sit, check hotmail, look busy. Notice boss arriving, actually open work file. Eat Fruit Source bar and drink coffee. Continue to make changes to USA edition of magazine. Head into the rain for half hour lunch break. Sit in food court drinking coffee and staring at scruffy young man staring at me. Return to work, make changes to International Trade Directory 2006. Eat baby carrots and another Fruit Source bar. Print out and staple together proofs of USA edition and International Trade Directory 2006. Write email to The Wave 102.3FM pleading for the removal of James Blunt from their playlist. Begin Canada edition of magazine. Drive home assuming power will be out when I arrive and listen to CBC then put in Throwing Muses tape. Happy to find power still on. Mail Box empty. Eat frozen pizza for dinner. Watch Millionaire, Jeopardy. Program groovebox until Gilmore Girls comes on. Watch Gilmore Girls. Drink iced-tea. Update.


January 30, 2006

The radio is not turned on today. No The Wave! No goddamned James Blunt! Haven’t felt this relieved in ages. Also, the bosses are in Bamfield today. Good Monday morning.


January 29, 2006

Been shopping the last few days. Yesterday I forgot I was going to buy pants. Since I only own one pair of pants these days. The pants I bought for my Grandfather’s funeral which I call my “funeral pants.” So I had to go out again today.

Yesterday I had to buy a new bulb for my left headlight. I was hoping replacing it would also magically make my non-functioning left turn-signal operational. It did not. So I’m still driving around only able to turn right, which takes forever to get anywhere. Actually, I do turn left still. But without any warning.

Also, I went to Chapters to find an actually “beginners'” book on electronics since the ones I took out of the lending library have page long algebraic and boolean equasions. I was hoping for a “dummies guide” but they didn’t have one. They did have the Dummies Guide to Nanotechnology which made me laugh. Seriously, can you just casually get into nanotechnology? I did find a book on electronics after all. One that had blazened on the cover: “A minimum of math” in bold lettering. This one is for me, I said.

Today I went out to buy the pants I forgot to buy yesterday. I did so despite being shaped in such a manner that mass produced pants are not shaped in. Nothing makes you feel more dwarfish than being reminded they do not make pants wide and/or short enough to fit properly.

I also put a down-payment on a MicroKorg at Arbutus music (they are out of stock until mid-week). I didn’t really mean to, it just happened.

No hyperbole, I swears it.

January 27, 2006

I purchased components, for the fuzz box I’m going to build, from the Radio Shack (sic) today. The guy who helped me out was exactly like George from Desperate Housewives. I wasn’t sure of I should to trust his knowledge of mircrofarads or not.

– – – – – – – – –

Some cats get the nightime crazies, Bentley gets them in the daytime.

– – – – – – – – –

What’s with the power-outages? Is Padington some sort of electrical blackhole?


January 26, 2006

I hope I get the day off tomorrow. I feel like a deflated tire.

– – – – – –

Took books out of the VIRL today. Had to renew my card. The librarian went through a lot of trouble explaining to me how the lending library works. Which I didn’t listen to. At all.

– – – – – –

The Spacelink performance went rather well, I thought.

I’m better at soldering than I expected.

January 25, 2006

When you work in an office, once wednesday hits, people begin to ask you what your plans for the weekend are. Myself, my plans mostly revolve around absolutely not listening to 102.whatever The Wave. Sure it’s the “best of the 80s, the 90s and… NOW!” but I can’t take it anymore.

Really, I can’t.

Maybe if it wasn’t the same 40 songs from “the 80s, the 90s and… NOW!” or if they simply deleted James Blunt, Hedley and whoever does this “had a bad day” song that’s playing right now from the playlist.

I thought I got enough of it growing up, but I could really go for some of the best of the 60s and 70s. Some Floyd and Zep and Grand Funk Railroad or even Clapton would take the edge off about now. No, not Clapton. Please, never again with the Clapton.

– – – – – – –

My potentiometer experiment was half successful. I managed to wire it into my Morely Mini-Wah but I realized I need to figure out how to eliminate the direct signal, leaving only the filtered signal, to make it do what I want it to. The thing is, I can’t figure out what wire to cut or which circuit to bypass with my limited (as in zero) electronics knowledge. Seriously, why are there six different wires leading from the on/off switch?

The source.

January 24, 2006

Today, on my lunch break, I purchased a potentiometer. I will attempt to install it tonight.

Medicare was nice while it lasted.

January 24, 2006

Well, at least Canadian musicians, artists and comics will have rant fodder for the next few years.

– – – – – – – – – –

Babel will be performing ambient jams live on the ambient/electronic show Spacelink tomorrow. Around 6:30pm. CHLY 101.7 FM. Tune in or… don’t.

This evening in two parts

January 18, 2006

1) Tonight I discovered the occupation of a certain Matt Ross. It was shocking. Yet I agreed to keep his secret.

2) Had dinner with old friends. Good reminiscences and catching up. Much talk of cats.

Street dialogue, two nights ago, condenced version

January 18, 2006

[Boy walking 10 feet behind girl on Terminal Ave, mindight.]


Boy: What the fuck?


Boy: Fuckin’ shut up!

[Girl stops and doubles over]


Boy: Don’t go fuckin’ psycho on me.


Boy: Don’t go fuckin’ psycho on me.

[Girl continues walking]


Boy: You fuckin’ psycho!


Boy: You fuckin’ psycho!

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