Slow motion, frilless+ stuff I like

September 30, 2008

» I’m being slow about setting up my apartment. I did buy shims for the bookcase though and got a row and a half of books on it. Tonight I finish the job. I don’t just mean the bookcase, I mean emptying all the boxes and flattening them too. And not just emptying them, but putting the contents away. I mean, actually getting down to business.

» The No Frills grocery store by my place lives up to its name. I doesn’t actually sell food, it sells pudding. And chips, pop and a sub-arctic region’s worth of frozen foods (some of which are probably pudding). This means I don’t really have any groceries at the moment. I might have a can of beans. I’m going to have to figure out a grocery shopping strategy.

» I am happy and I like stuff. This time I talk about it.


September 29, 2008

» SATURDAY I MOVED. I was in my pretty awesome new apartment by 1pm standing alone in a room surrounded by boxes thinking, what the hell just happened? Moving is supposed to take all day.

I was even shocked when, in the middle of it all, I turned around and this old dude from Bell was standing there wanting to see if my internet was hooked up. I had to say, "I just got here, I need to find the modem."  He wanted to leave me his number but I said, "No buddy, we’re finding that modem while I got you here." But I found it in the first place I looked and the internet was, to my shock, hooked up already.

The two kids from the movers were pretty funny. Scott was a wiry little white guy with filigree razor work in his hair and the thinnest rail-beard goatee possible. He reminded me of Flea and could Sherpa boxes on his back with superhuman strength and impressive technique. I think he could probably kill a person with two fingers if he wanted. And kind of looked like he might have done (or will do) so at some time. The other guy, John, was Jamaican and would say odd things like, "I need someone to touch da balance on dis bookcase. I wrap it, you touch da balance." So Scott would "touch the balance" and John would keep repeating "Just touch da balance" and Scott would say, "Yeah, yeah, I’m touching the balance! Jesus christ…"  and shake his head. And John would say, "Did is why you hire a black mover. We always tinking." And then Scott would shake his head and walk away muttering, "Jesus Christ, John…" It was worth the money for their back and forth alone. Never mind the fact the move was done by 1 o’clock.

At one point I had the notion of making the front (living) room which gets more sun a bedroom/living-room or, in effect, a boudoir. Which I think would have been, in some ways,  the best use of space in the apartment but decided it would be awkward and creepy if I had people over who weren’t close friends. You guys sit on the couch and I’ll recline on my bed. Welcome to my boudoir. So it’s going to be a living/music room and the bedroom will be a bedroom/office as per the norm. The kitchen, though, is where I think I’ll do most of my writing.

Going bananas

September 26, 2008

» Yesterday at the grocery store I picked up a pair of bananas and wrenched on off and put the other back. I only needed one Banana at the time. Today I went back and the bereft banana was still there. So today I bought it and reunited it with its mate in my gastrointestinal system. My question is, why was the banana still there? In a city the size of Toronto why aren’t more people buying bananas?

Packing magic, flee the glee + Solace

September 24, 2008

» Every time I think I’ve got the packing under control, it suddenly seems like I have more to do than is possible. Then I put three things in a box and it seems like there’s nothing more to do. Some kind of magic is at work here.

» Being on a crammed train with a bunch of cheerleaders seems like it should be some kind of adolescent fantasy come true but it’s really just one of the worst experiences ever. Too damn much spirit.

» Quantum of Solace. I review the new Bond, James Bond film. Looks like he’s been issued a license to bore.

White Wedding, BF/GF + Press

September 22, 2008

» Not being much of a drinker anymore, I forgot how to pace myself at the open bar at Jenn and Matt’s wedding party. Or rather, I paced myself according to when I was in top drinking shape. That, combined with staying up until after 3am with Andrew and Stephanie chatting and drinking wine, made for a sunday of laying in bed and watching five episodes of Dexter.  I think part of my downfall was everyone at the table were faces I associated with binge-drinking.

No DJ or dancing at this wedding. Instead they played Rockband on a big screen. Watching people dance at weddings is usually quite humorous but seeing a hall full of dressed-up people watch the backs of people "rock out" with plastic guitars and drums is downright surreal. Maybe there was dancing later. We sort of left early. But not too early. Just I have to leave before I get sloppy drunk and play Rockband early.

» Andrew was uncharacteristically comfortable and boyfriendy-girlfriendy with Stephanie which, once I adjusted to the paradigm shift, was quite touching and made me happy. Yay to people who can make things work.

» It looks like Ampersand Publishing will have a table at the fall Toronto Small Press Book Fair at the Tiki Room (Tranzac) on November 1st. It’s supposed to have a small "party" atmosphere. By "party" I assume they mean awkward standing around with drinks and baked goods on napkins and not glowsticks, dancing and ecstasy.

Elevation, box fort + dinner plans foiled

September 18, 2008

» Yesterday at Jane subway station I saw a woman stand at the top of the stairs, with her child, looking despondent. Then she noticed the elevator and her face brightened and she directed her kid towards the elevator. The staircase is really quite short. Granted, the woman was fairly fat. Perhaps because she takes the elevator instead of climbing down a dozen steps. That kid’s going to end up fat too.

» My packing has taken a turn for the fiddling with things as I find them instead of just putting them in boxes and being done with it. The box fort I’m constructing for Andrew and his better half to sleep in this weekend could repel a hoard of Huns.

» I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer last night. No green curry for dinner tonight. This leaves me in a bit of a bind. I think I can reason my way out of this one though.

Uncrafty, shelter + muzzy wrap up.

September 17, 2008

» Ampersand Publishing / PLOG will not be at City of Craft this year. Not quite crafty enough for them. Will be at Canzine though. I’m trying to find out what the small publishers show in Toronto is called. I would know these things if I left my house more often.

» Work has exploded into a gigantic shitstorm. I call it Hurricane Dilbert. I am staying safe and dry in my cubicle. So far I have not been called to sandbag duty.

» The Urbane Decay EP Muzzy ends it’s three week ride on the CKXU charts this week. Debuting at #4, sliding to #16 and then hanging on at #30 last week, it stuck around longer than the Dreambeat EP though charted on fewer stations. What do I take from this? Other than nu-gaze is more popular than nu-wave with probably one DJ in Lethbridge. It can be streamed and downloaded here.

Mowed, delivered and dead.

September 16, 2008

» Last night I saw a 90 year old woman mowing her lawn. Uphill. She seemed to have it under control.

» This afternoon a 70 year old man delivered 26 boxes of printed reports. He’s been driving delivery trucks in Toronto for 19 years. He just narrowly missed getting a ticket but was able to pull into someone else’s space so some other guy got the ticket. He’s been delivering in Toronto for 19 years and he was pretty sure there was no loading bay in this building. If he hadn’t been able to pull into that person’s space, he’d ahve gotten a ticket too. In his 19 years delivering stuff in Toronto, he’s avoided getting some tickets, boy. He also opened the door that leads to the women’s washroom, just to see if it was locked, in case there was a men’s washroom in there too, and woman came out just as he was trying the door, just to see if it was open, mind you, and he hoped she didn’t think he was trying to break in there because it’d be terrible if she thought he was the type of guy who would be trying to get in there. I told him it was probably okay.

» Metallica released Death Magnetic last week and people went crazy for it. I wasn’t as crazy for it in my podcast.

Gunfighter, cultural humidity + lethargic humidity

September 15, 2008

» There’s this asian guy, about mid-forties, who I see on the elevator sometimes. He’s always listening to his iPod and flexes his fingers like a gunfighter just before getting off on his floor. He also stands a bit bow-legged and punches out the beat of whatever he’s listening to with his middle and forefingers pointed towards the floor.

» Nicole and I endured the hellish humidity and slow walking crowds at the Ukrainian and Polish festivals on Sunday. You haven’t heard "Walking On Sunshine" until you’ve heard it in polka, played by Jamaicans. It was all worth seeing the East-Asian Elvis impersonator. His wise-cracking DJ was pretty awesome too. Two guys living the dream.

» I didn’t get enough packing done this weekend. ButI think I’m not in too bad a position to get it squared away before next weekend. And then, of course, I have the week after that to finish up. I just couldn’t get motivated with humidity. I felt like I’d be tranquilized the whole time.

Yogurt, boxes + Bachman

September 12, 2008

» Yogurt Girl has started eating yogurt again. I’m further away from her cubicle now, but the woman in the cubicle beside me has started eating yogurt as well. So I get it from two sides most mornings. Stereo tub-scraping.

» I have to get the bulk of my packing done this weekend. At least all the stuff that’s hiding in closets because I don’t use it. I packed my books last night and was shocked at how many boxes that intailed. I thought I hardly owned any books anymore. I thought wrong. Next weekend I have houseguests and Jenn and Matt’s wedding party. And then the following weekend is the move. Seems like a long way off but I feel like I left this packing to the last minute.

» There’s a Ukrainian Festival this weekend. Randy Bachman is the parade marshal. There’s no word as to what exactly his duties as parade marshal are. Hopefully he’ll be dressed like Sgt. Pepper. Apparently the festival "will include Ukrainian dancers, vocalists, musicians, karate demo’s and even some belly dancers." When I think of the Ukraine, I think of karate and belly dancers.

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