Built-in social barometer and pie

April 29, 2007

~ Pie #2 turned out almost perfect. The filling a little too thick  this time and the bottom crust a little underdone in spots. Pie #3 will be amazing. Pie #3 I think I should hold-off baking for quite a while. Too much pie, too little will-power.

~ Pins of Light was both the safest and craziest its been in months. I guess because I wasn’t there for the first half. Why does Robocoon get to say stuff like “I was rolling in the corpses of the bourgeoisie” and I don’t? The mad scientist who called in at the end to tell us that the bees are building cities underground to hide from the Sun was amazing.

~ My social tolerance overload meter is down to about 55% and I’m feeling pretty good. Last night it was in the red. Which is why I missed Marcus reportedly getting taken down by four cops with their guns pulled and Kristjanne reportedly punching Chris Clark in the face at the Frog Eyes show. What a night to miss out on. Instead I fell asleep in the bath listening to the new Cocorosie thinking it’s not as bad as everyone says.

A cornucopia of awesome

April 28, 2007

~ TEAM BUILDING = SPIRIT BREAKING. That was a long LONG day’s work. Listing my various nervous breakdowns and near-death experiences on the time-line of my “life-map” probably was a little dodgy. People seemed to really get off on that stuff though. They think I’m a “survivor” a real courageous success story. Explaining my Taoist belief in non-attachment to a group who had just debated whether or not a $20,000 home theatre system was a “want” or a “need”, was a surreal experience. I think the motivator didn’t like me much. My jokes weren’t funny to him in the least. I had to sign a document stating I was committed to the company’s goals. Unlike Randall in Dazed and Confused though, I did sign it. What name I signed, is anybody’s guess.

~ This morning though I received a plethora of videos from afar in my gmail.  A cornucopia of awesome.  Today  = a helluva lot better than yesterday.

Bentley is settling in much better this visit than last.

~ Mel and I sat back and gave Grinderman a listen last night. It’s fun showing an album to someone you know is going to dig it as much as you do. Then, because I was still feeling rocked from the team building, we went and got our bevies on.

~ When did they start having cheerleaders clean the ice with brooms between periods at hockey games? This civilization is imploding. Jesus mother of unholy fuckers. Imploding.

“Well, have you ever considered moving to… Toronto?”

April 27, 2007

~ Just killing time before our team-building retreat. Maybe it’ll go like THIS [link]. My “life-map” is done in Iron Maiden style grade 8 binder writing and included details about all my nervous breakdowns and near-death experiences. Apparently I’m trying to get myself fired.

~ Actually got all 4 members of die Schadenfreude in the same room at the Mug last night and we agreed on a jam night for this week. I’m amazed it all came together. Of course, Nate might be stuck in a cave that night. I’m pretty stoked on hearing what Elle J has done with our riffs. I’m hoping this band will burn twice as bright and half as long.

~ I’m beginning to doubt my life-map was a good idea… Oh well, the die is cast.

Life outside the cyberspace vortex

April 26, 2007

~ Excited about Bentley‘s visit tomorrow. I wonder if The Dame is.

~ I have some days off next week. Funny, I was looking forward to doing nothing. Now I wish I was going on a trip.

~ I wonder if we get free drinks during this motivational crap tomorrow. Its the only way I can see it functioning. Buffer? 

~ I love my octave fuzz pedal. Hilariously I had to buy a noise reduction pedal to mute its godlike barrage of static. It’s like an army of angry robotic cats hissing at you when you’re not playing. It also obliterates tremolo with its intense deathray-like signal so I had to switch to vibrato.

~ Facebook has kept me so occupied this week, I was missing a bunch of stuff on Flickr. Gotta get focused!

Gotta scrape some of this stuff off my plate.

April 24, 2007

~ There’s too much going on this week. I’m thinking I might have to cancel on at least one event and the event it would make the most sense to cancel on would be the FLATBED show tonight. Seeing as I have to work tomorrow morning. Boo hoo. Too much to chew. Maybe Los Tycoons and FLATBED will magically play first… starting at 8pm… probably not… Rather looking forward to The Pack on friday though. Indeed. Frog Eyes on saturday not so much. Curious about Johnny and the Moon, though. Curious indeed.

~ Eli and Danielle have made my life delightfully more complicated.

“the contents of this email are NOT to be used as fodder for Pins banter”

April 23, 2007

~ So, Modern Love dropped the ball at the Oxy. Perhaps too many Pilsners hampered our edge. But I can’t see the Pillie intake lessening. Third place though. It’s like a slap in the face. We were screwed by a Wallflowers question in the tie-breaker round when the other team got a god-damn Cyndi Lauper question handed to them on a silver platter.

~ I think I’m getting kicked off Pins of Light. Or being told to curb my enthusiasm. Which amounts to much the same thing. Amazing it’s taken this long for the higher-ups to say anything though.

“I live in a van by the river!”

April 19, 2007

~ Next friday we have a motivational speaker coming to do a workshop with us. We’re supposed to, this week, write out an illustrated life map on this sheet of newsprint he gave each of us. Then at the meeting we’re supposed to give a 10 minute presentation about ourselves and all our interests and history. The idea being if you know your coworkers really well, you’ll be a more cohesive team. Knowing more about me isn’t going to make these people like me more, I don’t think… Instead I’m thinking this week I’ll maybe have people over to help me brainstorm a life history of TOTAL LIES to share with my coworkers.

~ Winter Spring Shows 2007 (below)

Jakey Crocker

April 18, 2007

~ The very first pie I’ve ever baked. It’s a little franken-pie looking due to having some rather comical trouble with the crust.  It was also terribly runny. I didn’t add enough cornstarch or didn’t pre-cook the filling long enough (seemed thickened to me) or because I used frozen berries should not have added any water. Regardless, Mel pronounced it “fucking awesome” in the taste department.

~ The Helena / Gustav / Christian / Sister Ray show was pretty great last night. General consensus was more Helena and Gustav and less Christian. But I couldn’t get enough of his shoulders and eyebrows. Also, he was a really nice guy — I’d take him on tour with me and wasn’t half as terrible as that guy from portland.  Still, it was far and away the most positive gig I’ve played at the Cambie. The sound was good and the room was filled with 95% non-regulars. By that I mean non-walletchain wearing regulars.  It’s amazing how ridiculous I’m willing to dress for this band. We have a probable spot on the Got Pop? female artists night in June at the Queens I might have to wear a dress for.

~ Die Schadenfreude might have an exciting new lead singer. If it works out, this band has the potential to spill blood.

“You guys want to come back to my place and smoke some Alberta weed and play some guitar?”

April 16, 2007

~ Went to Grindhouse. I thought a half hour or more could have been cut from each feature. Expecially the Tarantino half. Mostly because he has a habit of throwing in half-hour long momentum-crushing dialogues. Which is fine when he’s being insightful and witty such as he did with Pulp Fiction, but the Death Proof banter was more just simply banal than illuminating the ridiculous banality of everyday conversations. It could have been tightened up a lot. Ken was les critical of it which suprised me. I thought it would be the other way around. 

~ I made some changes to The Urbane Decay today. Namely the name. Urbane Decay is now Die Schadenfreude. The Urbane Decay moniker is now retired. Also, we play entirely different material now. A different band, really.

Ramshackle 2007

April 14, 2007

~  I daresay Ramshackle 2007 was the best Ramshackle to date. From the hobo blues of  Heavy Water to Vosper‘s charming anthropological studies to Dirtnap‘s gravel tramping to Partli Cloudi‘s nerve-wracking daredevil stunts to Everything For Everyone‘s uniting proletariat sing-a-long / public venting, “The Man Has Fucked Us” — it was all glorious. I was even happy, for the first time ever, with my performance as Babel. The free-jam didn’t happen but I did let the girl who ranted about eggs in the sing-a-long sing a tune. I think people were rammed out of their shackles or shackled by the ram by that point. People came out, it was a positive time, the bucket was passed around and people donated some coinage to the gallery. No one even seemed to mind the water pouring from the ceiling.

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