December 31, 2004

Watched Swing Kids for the first time. Heated debate about pointless self sacrifice in idealist situations followed. I’ve been called a bastard.

Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve. Must devise rituals / activities to celebrate. Apparently, dying our hair is not a “funny” suggestion.

I taught Chelsea how to play gin. I am such a great teacher, so fantastic infact, that she beat me “more than several” times.


December 30, 2004

Pee-Wee’s playhouse proves to be a good as I remember. Good news seeing as we have 4 discs and nearly 5 hours of watching to go. Chelsea spent most of the day in a neck brace. Most likely from laughing too hard at Pee-Wee. I installed my new printer. Chelsea uploaded and new, saucy LJ pic.


December 28, 2004

Today we grocery-shopped and cleaned the apartment. Tonight we went to Jack’s for a fairly tense party. Things were said and things were left unsaid. Jack needs to wax the play surface of his pinball machine. To my chagrin, my tetanus vacination has begun to hurt.

26th, part II

December 26, 2004

We returned to my parents’ house to give them back their car, in exchange for mine which my father had worked on. While there, traded in my worn out keys for their mint spare set. Found out at Save-On-Foods that the spare door key is actually for some other vehicle all together. A cab-ride to the apartment to retrieve our own spare set ensued as well as a ride back to the car. The key worked beautifully.


December 26, 2004

Back before Amazon and MP3’s people used to camp outside of A&B Sound for the boxing day sale. They’d be huddled in their sleeping bags at midnight to get those “door-crasher” specials on the new-fangled Compact Disc machines and Beta-max Video Cassette Recorders–not to mention LP’s and Tapes being 20% off.

Those days are long over but I chose to honour them by camping out in the ER of Nanaimo General at midnight to be one of the first to get a tetanus shot. After a two and a half hour wait, being exposed to various viruses that apparently cause strokes and such, I was given the oportunity to sit in a hallway for another half hour and read an old US magazine where I learned some interesting facts. A few days previous I’d been wondering “Whatever happened to Kathy Najimy?” Well, she does the voice of Peggy Hill. I didn’t know that, mystery solved. Also, even though they’re identical twins, Mary-Kate and Ashely have a vastly different bio-chemical make-up which explains why one is happy and the other is a nutjob. So obviously, cloning will never work. Too bad for that lady in the states that spent $60,000 cloning her dead cat. It’s gonna go Pet Semetary on her.

We were in bed by 3 a.m. secure in the knowledge that I wouldn’t get whatever the tetanus shot prevents. I have no idea what the shot prevents and all the internet would tell me is if you’re stung by a stingray, you should get a tetanus shot. So now I’m okay to swim in stingray infested waters for another ten years.


December 25, 2004

And excellent xmas morning beginning at 7:30 when the cats got me up because they wanted to open their presents. Actually, they wanted to open the can of food and have breakfast. On the way back to bed, in the dark, I stubbed my little toe on the baseboard heater beside the bed. It was rather painful and upon getting into bed I went to rub my poor little toe and felt wetness. So I got back out of bed and walked to the bathroom to look at it in the light. At this point I noticed the TRAIL OF BLOOD I’d left in my wake and the fact that my foot was shiny, red, dripping and making pool. I wrapped some tissue around my foot, which turned a dark red immediately, and then began hyperventilating and vomiting bile into the sink. Apparently, I’m not good with the site of my own blood. Then I began to mop up the trail of blood with tissue creating new trails of blood and gooey crimson footprints back and forth. This went on for sometime until the blood began to clot enough to apply several band-aids. Then we opened stockings.

Fantastique presents received by me this morning:

-Complete Peanuts vol.2 1953-54
-USB hub
-“Voluptuous Panic: The erotic world of Wiemar Berlin” (book)
-“The Big Book of Design Ideas”
-Magic Bullet!!!! (food processor / blender AS SEEN ON TV!)


December 24, 2004

Last night was the 23rd. It was a typical 23rd. Complete with the terror of performing poorly to a sold-out audience. We played rather well though. Other familiar aspects included just being sketched out and uncomfortable and performing poorly as a boyfriend. But then, it’s hard to introduce your significant other to people you suspect you don’t even like. At least, in a situation where you have to yell and nod to replies you didn’t even hear. It’d be nice if when this shindig is put to rest a replacement in quieter surroundings will be devised. It is nice to see the people I like once a year.

Today is x-mas eve!

A day of bonuses / A day of losses

December 21, 2004

I was unaware that there were Navigator X-mas bonusses until last night when Matt-O filled me in and calmed me of my fears that I was no going to be able to make rent post christmas giving. Now I feel foolish for working extra shifts at Fascinating. Oh well, a wee bit of extra dosh isn’t anything to wag your bum at. Also, I got a Fascinating bonus today. As well as the unexpected bonus of The Human League’s “Reproduction” coming in. Needless to say, I scooped that up like a bowl of fudge pudding. Third bonus, I’ve agreed to house Chris Clark’s Roland Juno 1 synth for the duration his exodus.

Yesterday I travelled to Ladner to visit my terminally-ill grandfather at the hospital. It was strange to see someone who, when I saw him last in August, was fairly robust and vital but now is now suddenly withered to the bone. He looks almost exactly like this:


December 18, 2004

Today I heard a man describe a record as “Soft, like a Swiffer.” He repeated this several times. He’s not all there. It was a long day at the record store.

While Chelsea’s been away I’ve taken to calling her cat Be-Bop. I have to remember to stop doing that when she gets home or she’ll be none too pleased.


December 15, 2004

Chelsea’s in Calgary for a week. =(
Actually she’s on a bus, probably on a ferry, headed for Calgary by way of Bamff.
This is no good at all. America’s Next Top Model was empty w/out Chelsea to chortle with.

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