Vacant, literate + foamcore

December 28, 2007

~ The TTC is still almost empty. I guess in the new year it’ll resume its regular pakt like sardines in a crushd  tin box status. Speaking of which Radiohead is the perfect commuting music. Though I can’t locate my MP3 player so I have to hum to myself. Which is fine because the TTC is empty of people to think I’m crazy these days. Every time I step into a nearly vacated TTC station I can’t help think, “Zombie apocalypse…”

~ I’ve decided to love the library. And not just in a lip service way, but actually using it this time. Though their books and videos set off alarms everywhere else you go. “No, I’m not a shoplifter, I’m literate!” I’m reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, never having done so before (and that new ridiculous set of Bladerunner being released made me think of it). The book is much more Paul Verhoven and much less Ridley Scott. In cinematic terms.

~ For the first time since leaving school I’m putting together a presentation mounted on foamcore boards. I still think “foamcore” would be a worthy musical genre. But can’t fathom what it would be. Maybe everything would be mixed to sound like you’re listening to it through a pillow. “Unicore” on the other hand, I still maintain, is a better name for “posi-core.” Or perhaps a sub-sub-genre of posi-core dealing with more disco beats.


December 24, 2007

~  I know it’s x-mas eve and everyone is probably busy with family stuff. But I really need someone to tell me WHAT THE DAMN HELL HAPPENED AT THE QUEENS LAST NIGHT. In specifics.


December 23, 2007

~ Some things have been updated. 

a) The Urbane Decay Myspace and Reverbnation sites have been updated with two new tracks. “Dreamlife” and “Everything Decays.” These will be on the PLOG free compilation for which I’m still accepting tracks for which people should send in ASAP.

b) The PLOG x-mas themed issue 002 “Holy Daze” is now available for download on the PLOG page.

Xmas, reward + hot-tub

December 22, 2007

19th Floor E
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

~ Sometimes when I’m on the train, and it makes one of its above ground appearances, I see down into snow covered back yards of these old neighborhoods and it reminds me of the neighborhoods in A Christmas Story. Which makes sense as it’s set in Michigan so the houses should be roughly the same. Anyway, makes me feel christmas nostalgia for christmases that aren’t technically part of my childhood except in the movies.

~ Seems I got Nathan a job at the CBC. Or at least gave him a lead that lead to getting a job at the CBC. So he bought me dinner. In reality, Nicole found the job lead. So I basically stole her commission.

~ Yesterday afternoon I overheard in a nearby cubicle a guy asking someone, “So are we supposed to put the three-men-in-a-hot-tub on all our stuff now?” The reply was, “Yes, the new logo is being used in the new year.” He snorted and said, “Huh. Three-men-in-a-hot-tub… Okay.”

12A + rebirth

December 20, 2007

 ~ The mystery of floor 12A is solved. It’s the Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch. Which is slightly less than not very exciting. They haven’t added Ontario’s terrifying new logo to their website yet.

~ Ontario is rebranding itself. It guess it doesn’t want to be seen as “Ontario, a solid and reliable if not a little square and stuffy place to live” anymore. The old logo [below] is admittedly a bit stodgy. But friendly in that safe kind of way your parent’s conservative friends are.

The new logo [below] repositions Ontario as a “dangerous and spiky place to live.” It appears to involve three hapless souls caught in a blender or three people with black palm-crystals awaiting rebirth on the Carousel. I suppose you could take a cozier view and see cult members joined in a loving embrace singing campfire songs.


December 19, 2007

~ Yogurt girl is having a conniption over something.

~ The other day in the elevator a guy dropped an envelope. You could see through the window that it was packed with hundred dollar bills. His buddy picked it up for him and said, “Ooh, lookie what I found. Ha ha.” Then he turned to me and winked, “Not enough to get out of the country though I think.” We all politely chuckled at this. I’m pretty sure they got off on floor 12A.

~ Overheard at the Timothy’s World Coffee kiosk this morning.

Man: Ooh, Christmas Blend. What is that? Is it spiced?
Clerk: It’s regular coffee.

Tales of the 19th floor.

December 18, 2007

~ The girl who occupies the cubicle next to mine eats yogurt all day. The tonk-schick-tonk-schick of scraping the bottom of the tub is incessant. I was wondering if the fact my skin is in a constant state of crawling was due to some other catalyst. But since she was away today and my skin didn’t crawl once, I think I can begin my internal dialogue of bitching about the yogurt eating in earnest. No pussy-footing around anymore. It’s time to get primeval with the quiet, private, secret ire.

~ Our building has a 13th floor. It doesn’t call itself 13 but 12A. It’s a very popular floor. Everytime I take the elevator, someone gets on or off on 12A. I’m not sure what’s on 12A but it looks bleak. I can also network to printers located on 12A so it’s part of the Ministry. Strangely there is no 12B. There is a 12 which I think should be 12A and 12A should be 12B. I might alter all the elevators with stickers to this effect.

~ This morning a homeless man was standing outside the building singing. As I approached I could hear him intoning, “It’s beginning to look at a lot like…” and as I passed he turned to face me and continued, “getting a kick in the head.”  I carried on without listening to the rest of his rendition.

~ I snuck into the office beside my cubicle to take pictures of the view. When the owner returned, their nose in some papers, and looked up to find me hovering behind their desk, she shrieked.

[The view in question] 

Snow + I dream of zombies

December 16, 2007

~ Today it snowed. Period.

~ The other night I had a pretty awesome dream that I was an orderly/counselor at an asylum for zombies. We were working to reform the zombies into functional citizens. Wewere doing a pretty good job of it too, when the trouble started. They began to resend being made to act like “people” when they weren’t people but zombies. One guy kept trying to bite me and I tried to reason with him. I said, “Joe, if you try to bite me, I’ll have to drop the hammer on you. You know that. Why don’t you just behave?” That’s when he explained he was being “true” to his zombie self and all hell broke loose. I had to steal a bicycle to escape the zombie uprising.


December 11, 2007

~ I’ve had autonomy in jobs before but this level of autonomy is pretty awesome. My grey fabric cubicle is located at the annex of three offices in my department. I overhear everything. Every time I’m given a memo or someone drops by (rarely) to give me some information, I already know what’s going on. It’s been suggested (not by me) that slipping me a fiver can keep you in the know. 

‘Tis the season for office parties

December 8, 2007

~ I’m pretty sure the 5th level of hell is a 60 person strong secret santa gift exchange which lasts over an hour. The sixth level of hell, by the way, is 60 person strong secret santa gift exchange which lasts over an hour that you’re not a part of and involves people you don’t even know yet at a bar where the drinks are too expensive to order. I did, however, win a door prize. A $15 Starbucks giftcard which isn’t too shabby. And it was nice to be invited having only worked there for two days.

~ At Nicole’s christmas party last night she almost choked on a stick of lettuce while I explained to the table, in detail, all my physiological and neurological handicaps. Also at a bar where the drinks were too expensive to order.

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