Assassinz of Light

~ I think my favourite review regarding my performance in the EFE set on Saturday was “Sometimes what you were playing made no sense.” I had to agree. There were times when things went horribly wrong. I don’t know if it’s because I could hear myself better because Ken’s amp was further away but I realized my riffs sounded like I’d gone insane. In practice, I had a sweet, sweet sugary-like-honey riff for the chorus in Anxiety that turned out to be in just  entirely the wrong key. So I thought maybe I’d gotten drunk on that beer I drank in Blood Alley and started playing it on different strings. But they all were in the wrong key. Oops, sorry Ken.

~ Last night while going through files on my computer (transferring them to my new Lappy 486) I discovered THIS old guerrilla art website of mine is still live… I’m wondering how many of my other ridiculous sites are live and need deleting… for which I’m sure I’ll never remember the passwords…

~ Pins of Light yesterday was a glorious shambles. A return to form, if you will. Songs getting cut-off mid-point, segments devolving into hysterical giggling… it was tight like a noose.

~ Also the The Choir Practice is the first time I’ve been excited about new music in months. And the first time a Vancouver band (on the atrocious Mint Records no less) has held any interest for me in years. Since The Organ, I suppose… Divine.


10 Responses to Assassinz of Light

  1. cokenail says:

    the guerilla art website is very mal…awesome…i also have numerous websites on the internet (even pre-uni) that need deleting…i have this terrible nightmare that i`ll apply for a job when im older and they google-me and discover these horrible things.
    im pretty pumped about that nick guys solo project on mint, post-p:ano…but youre right, its pretty slim pickins these days. what happened..

    • mrdapper says:

      Haha. I just realized, actually, Virgin and Caravan are Vancouver bands. I keep thinking of “people I know’s” bands as being from Nanaimo. I think really I just dislike the Mint sound. And they seem to get all the Vancouver-band press.

  2. ghosty_toast says:

    larissa from the choir is my co-worker. in-fact, i’m going to be her ‘helper’ tomorrow morning.
    from the grapevine it looks like they won’t be around too much longer as the lead is pregnant and bought a farm.

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