Mugs + Bugs

~ I’m still a little freaked out about the response to my set last night. I haven’t played solo in a while (all my gadgets at Ramshackle made me feel like I wasn’t alone) and having pin-drop silence during my set was overwhelming. Not that I’m complaining, you always want people to actually be paying attention, but I didn’t expect it. I got a strange fragile Dylan twang in my voice I wasn’t expecting too. 

~ The other day I came home to a kitchen full of houseflies which was entirely devoid of insect life the day previous. I was fully aware that it had to do with some shamefully unwashed dishes and the boxes I’d moved out of the mildewy storage area that morning which must have been full of eggs. Regardless, it seemed like a biblical smiting. I’m not talking about a mere one or two dozen flies but three or four. Needless to say, the flies are all dead now and my window sills look like Cambodian killing fields.


3 Responses to Mugs + Bugs

  1. bootybrown says:

    I’ve missed the life and times of Jakob Relinger.

  2. atrophe says:

    Awhile ago this retarded housefly kept making kamikaze runs on my monitor, smacking into the glass repeatedly. I shut him in the fridge by accident and a week later he just sort of fell out in a coma, then snapped to and flew into my room and started smacking into the monitor again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those are all beautiful images. All fronts. The Dylan voice and the 3-4 dozen blood-gutted marsh flies. Oh, and the killing fields. You never cease to impress, Jakob. – Peter

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