POEM 039/100

November 7, 2012

Directly in front of me

is a vacant subway seat


I long to feel that way



April 12, 2010

Blogs, podcasts, memes, Twitter, forums, LOLcats, downloads… All that is well and good. But one of the best things the Internet provides me with is a little more substantive than instant gratification.

Whenever I’m faced with the feeling things are taking a decided turn for the utter bullshit, the Internet steps in with an ounce of perspective. And I don’t mean the petty schadenfreudic catharsis of People Of  Walmart or Clients From Hell.

What I’m talking about is the Yoda-esque wisdom of the popular Twitter hashcode: #FML.

And by that I don’t mean to suggest Yoda is conveying to me, through the Internet, the aphorism: Your life. Fucked it is.

No, what I really mean is when I find myself muttering under my breath the dubious mantra, “Eff… em… el…” (or if the situation requires it, “Eff-Fucking-Em-El”), I realize I’ve reverted to being a whingeing emo teenager.


My El is never truly Effed. Not an uppercase Eff, at least.

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