POEM 046/100

April 3, 2013







POEM 045/100

April 3, 2013

The moon hung in the inky dark

seemed to mock me

as I lathered my hair

until the window fogged



Interviews, commerce + weather

November 28, 2007

 ~ I got called-in for a third interview with the company from last week which I thought wasn’t interested in me. I’m going to go just in case things don’t pan out with my other two prospects. Plus I get paid, supposedly. They’re taking their time choosing someone. I wouldn’t surprised if everyone they’re interviewing doesn’t get offered jobs at other companies before they get off the pot. They’d be better off just hiring freelancers.

~ I have decided on three locations for PLOG to be available at in Toronto. Pages Books & Magazines on Queens, Another Story Books on Roncesvalles and Good Catch General Store, also on Queens but at the other end. They’ll also be carrying Pandanoids merch once it’s manufactured.

~ I got caught in a sudden blizzard yesterday. People went nuts. They started screaming and running in all directions. It was kind of like War of The Worlds only with freezing rain instead of aliens.

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