Packed + Intergrated

June 23, 2010

» My apartment is almost entirely packed up. Strange how an apartment always looks best with nothing on the walls and boxes stacked in random piles in various rooms. It’s not a very practical way to live. Stranger is how the same blank walls and piles of boxes look terrible when you’re moving in to a place. It’s not the first time I’ve considered life would be much easier if context didn’t exist.

» Yesterday, at a lunchtime office potluck, one of the summer students remarked the picture on my ID badge looks entirely different from how I look now. In the picture I’m clean cut but these days I have shoulder length hair and a full hillbilly beard. The other summer student said, “Why would you do that?” She then explained how I looked “exactly” like her ex-boyfriend from BC. Only I am “actually integrated into society.” He lives in Nelson apparently and is too “hardcore artsy and depressed”. She does a pretty good disgusted scowl.

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