Dundas Dining: Crema Coffee Co.

May 30, 2009

The Junction is getting a reputation for being an artsy hot-spot of hip, happening hotness. This is pretty much due entirely to Crema Coffee Co. and its bevy of bespectacled baristas. Which has also won some kind of coffee award and feels it has the right to charge more for its coffee after three o’clock or some nonsense. I haven’t purchased coffee there after three so this might be merely a rumour. Part of me thinks it must be because that would be the worst policy ever.

Another poor policy choice might be putting mud in your muffins. We don’t think it’s actually their policy to do so and the lump of mud in Mandi’s muffin was probably attached to one of the blueberries. It was otherwise a good muffin. My own blueberry crumble muffin was delicious. Far more delicious than the, perhaps, worst americano I’ve had in months. It would actually have been improved with a  dollop of mud since that would have added some flavour. Mandi has just informed me the mud wasn’t flavourful at all, just gritty. This would be the perfect metaphor for Crema Coffee Co. except they lack grit as well as flavour.

I will say, however, it’s the most stylish coffee joint on the strip. If I wanted to be seen drinking coffee somewhere, that’s where I’d want to be seen drinking it. Like-minded people seem to agree since the place was full of stylish hipster nerds. We didn’t stay inside though because it was roughly 47 degrees celsius. We, instead, sat in the fenced in patio paddock which lacked tables but had a few (not many) plastic lawn loungers to sit on. A pigeon feather fell on Mandi. Mandi does not care much for the filthy vermin known as pigeons. If the paddock is turned into an actual patio, it should be quite a nice spot to been seen.

2 muddins out of 5.

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