April 19, 2010

People like their signs. Especially when determining if Spring has proverbially sprang. For some the crocus is the harbinger of the season, for others it’s tulips, cherry blossoms, leaves on the trees or the return of panhandlers from more southern climes.

For me it is a specific moment: The moment when a pint of ale suddenly feels too heavy and lager no longer tastes like piss.

Indeed, the moment Grolsch is no longer gross is when I know Winter is finally over. Of course, lager still has to be ice cold to stay on the right side of the beer/urine scale. This means pint glasses are out and ice cold bottles are in. Each year I remember too late those last tepid 100ml of a pint are as hard to swallow as backwashed vomit.

This weekend I drank some lager. And happened to notice the trees are finally sprouting leaves.

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