June 30, 2010

There’s a few hot topics in the Toronto papers I’m having trouble caring about.

First, the HST.

Not being a parent or a home-owner, it barely affects anything I spend money on. I don’t get massages and I don’t subscribe to magazines. I don’t go camping, play hockey or golf. I don’t take trampoline lessons or die (funeral services go up 8%).

I do however get $300 back over the year in rebates. I’m having trouble being concerned. I suspect the whole “beating th HST” craze is a disguised stimulus plan orchestrated by the Feds to get Canadians out buying cars or houses or TVs or whatever it is that’s supposed to save the country. I guess I’m not very patriotic.  My $300 will probably go towards my monthly metropass.

Then there’s the G20 shenanigans

Apparently I’m supposed to feel my civil liberties have been impinged. I keep being told by the Internet that my right to free assemblage was at stake last weekend. That means the right to stand in the rain ineffectually holding placards which vaguely protest… something.

Nevermind the Black Bloc hooligans, I’m not sure anyone really knew what they were supposed to be protesting at the G20. People seem to feel the need to rage against the machine, but the machine is so complex I’m not convinced a single person really knows where to direct their rage. Countries? Corporations? Consumers?

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