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May 20, 2009

» There’s a hand-sanitizer dispenser in the 19th floor bathroom now.  Sure you can sanitize your hands after turning off the tap but you still need to touch two sets of door handles to exit. I wonder if eventually the doors will be automated or a decontamination chamber will be installed. I wonder if the decontamination chamber will cause cancer.

» Yesterday I picked up two excellent books on the art of Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch. I’ve been seeking a few good volumes on these guys, ones that print both details of their most famous paintings as well as the entire work, for years. It seems publishers have often opted for one or the other. Which is frustrating since a detail is worthless without its context. I’m in total disturbing Northern Renaissance heaven (or hell).

» Mandi is away for a few days at teachers’ union summer camp. In the days before I hooked-up with a  nerd, I’d use these times to watch a stack of sci-fi movies. Now it’s the reverse. I feel like I have to purposely not-watch any sci-fi movies lest she might have wanted to watch them as well. I should say this really only applies to the Star Trek The Next Generation  box set that was staring at me all last evening. Not a problem, instead I read Prisoner of Azkaban for Project Potter which is being chronicled on Nerd Hurdles and the Hurdled Nerd  blog.

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