Oh Gee 20

June 25, 2010

For the last two weeks my manager has been trying to strike the fear of G20 into our commuters’ hearts. Apparently we needed contingency plans to deal with the inevitable transit disruptions.

It seems managers all over the city must have been saying the same thing because, instead of delays, this morning my train was almost empty. I actually got to work quicker than a normal Friday.

Part of me actually hopes something big happens. I’d rather $1bil was spent on security because some eco-terrorists actually want to blow up the CN Tower and not because it’s just a good idea to spend money to close the downtown core and keep people away from restaurants and hotels during the first official weekend of summer. 

I suppose I should actually hope they prevent and attack, and that the money was well spent, but I’d just be lying to myself. Admit it, Toronto, the CN Tower is a hideous eyesore and we all wish something truly interesting would actually happen here.

Look how excited we got when a few buildings quivered earlier this week. We’re dying from boredom here. Canadians are secretly hungry for our own 9/11 style tragedy. So much so we continue to milk an air disaster from 25 years ago. Canadians, especially a new generation not around for the heady days of the SS Edmund Fizgerald,  are desperate for the chance to say “I was on the subway when it happened” or “I could see the smoke from my car when I was on the 401.”

If it does happen, I really hope it’s after I’ve moved on Saturday. If the movers get stuck in traffic, it’s going to cost me money. And I hope they announce when it’s going to happen so I can watch it from the park in Etobicoke where I took the above picture. I also hope it’s after dark because I think that would look prettiest.

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