Vavatenina : That and Nothing Else (1994)

May 14, 2010

Of all the rootsy, alt-Americana bands that followed in the wake of Gin Blossoms, none faded into obscurity faster than Vavatenina. Not even Gin Blossoms themselves. Their lone long-player from the summer of 1994, That and Nothing Else, proved to be prophetically titled.

Though the band couldn’t even claim status as a one-hit-wonder (their best-charting single sputtered at #78, no one here in the office can remember what it was), the band did see its proverbial 15-minutes of fame. Unfortunately, singer Jimmy Knee wasted the 15-minutes on an incident involving Soul Asylum frontman Dave Pirner and balloon full of horse vomit.

It’s a shame Vavatenina didn’t gain more attention for their actual music since, though sounding exactly like Gin Blossoms, the album does not make the listener want to cauterize their ears with a soldering iron—a feat of musical dexterity deserving of more recognition than its been given.

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