Vermin + vaguery

November 11, 2007

 ~ One thing I really love about Toronto is watching the squirrels. They’re simply everywhere. In fact, there’s so many of them, it’s really impressive. It’s not uncommon to see several on any given lawn scampering up and down trees and dancing around like maniacs. To put it into perspective, you just have to imagine they’re rats instead of fluffy-tailed cuties. People would go ballistic and perhaps nuke the city and start all over again. It would be an unacceptable infestation. I wonder where all the cats are in all this. Cats go missing in Toronto a lot judging by the posters on telephone polls and at bus-stops. I think the squirrels are eating the cats.

~ Last night went to the opening of a community art-space called The Gift Shop. They didn’t seem to have any idea what they wanted to do with their space. They didn’t even attempt to explain it. They were playing Baraka on the wall. The walls didn’t have any art on them or anything. Except for some newsprint which we were encouraged to write “art-maps” of ourselves on, explaining what we’d like the space to become. I refrained from saying “exactly like the &Loan.” So we mostly talked to Jenn Scott. And ate some of the awesome food provided by one of the girls’ moms. A kind of bad country band played too. It made me feel like I was back in Nanaimo again. Generally in a good way. I’m not sure I’ve been to something that awkward since that Chrome Horse show I went to and had to leave because it was too awkward. I left behind some copies of Plog

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