POEM 015/100

I was fifteen

when a girl finally wanted me to kiss her

I realized a dozen years too late


5 Responses to POEM 015/100

  1. mrdapper says:

    Or maybe she only wanted me to think she wanted me to kiss her.

  2. GAB says:

    On a high school trip, a girl visited my hotel room (me and 3 roommates) right after curfew and laid down on my side of the bed.

    It dawned one 20 years later that she may have been sending a message.
    Her physical similarities to my wife are noteworthy. My type.
    My self-deprecating and introverted ignorance.

  3. mrdapper says:

    Yes GAB, I suspect there was a message in there.

  4. GAB says:

    Ah, the good and the bad of there being only one woman in the world, in my mind. Julie (from school), invited me over to her apartment a few years later — at college. We talked. I really “swear to God” thought she wanted to talk.

    About 15 years and one week after that, I realized there was probably a message in that social meeting that really only led to surface converstion.
    The realization followed my realization about high school by an embarrassing number of days.

    I still like Julie best just the way she is in my memory. Any awkward memory there remains purely hypothetical.

    You know, this poetry series has triggered far more high school memories than the 30th reunion I’m totally ignoring this month!

    • mrdapper says:

      Since I can’t remember any significant milestones from my 17th year, you’re probably off the highschool memory hook for now. Maybe there’ll be some college memories in the 20’s.

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