POEM 014/100

The first time I was alone with a girl

in her bedroom

a girl I wanted to kiss, I mean

I was about 14


It was the night before

Erica’s trip to California

over spring break


She was excited as a flock of seagulls

fighting over french fries on the beach

she squawked and bounced off the walls

as I sat on her bed

oblivious to her every word


Between my nerves

and my absurdly tight jeans

I had the worst gas pains

and silently listened

to sweat bead on my forehead


When she returned

Erica was oddly cool towards me

having kissed an older boy

in the warm California sun


One Response to POEM 014/100

  1. mrdapper says:

    Later that year I carved her name into my arm with a razor blade.

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