POEM 013/100

The first time I asked a girl out on a date

I was 13 years old

and I did so on the phone


The girl’s name was Alicia

the phone was black

and more importantly

hidden in the garage


A high-pitched voice answered

her younger sister

so I asked for Alicia

Alicia’s sister put down the phone

and went to fetch Alicia


Moments later

a somewhat deeper voice said hello

I said wouldyouliketogooutwithme? 



Once she stopped laughing she said

this is Alicia‘s mother

so, again, I asked for Alicia


Moments later

Alicia said she wasn’t allowed to date

until she was 13

I thought geez 

your mother could have saved me

the trouble 


Days after her 13th birthday

Alicia moved to California


One Response to POEM 013/100

  1. mrdapper says:

    When she came back to visit the following year, she sure was a lot taller.

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