Canzine’s Coming!

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Canzine 2011 in Toronto (click banner for more info) is coming up and seemed like a good excuse to print up some new zines. Or zines full of stuff that’s appeared on this blog over six years or so for free. Well, now you can pay for it! Whee!

Mr. Dapper’s Original Illuminatory Journal of Secret Curiosities Zine Compendium – Vol. 1-5

Zine compilation of the best bits from 2004-2011 of Jakob Rehlinger’s (Moonwood/Babel) Mr. Dapper’s Splendid Online Diary blog.Wry observations, true stories of urban weirdos, harrowing tales of retail hell, even more harrowing tales of crazy magazine bosses, drunk escapades, romance, nervous breakdowns, epiphanies, weight loss tips! Each issue approx 24 pages.

5 issues $5 CAD (+$2 shipping)

The Bizarre Romance of Parkinson Jack and Clintina Supanova

Ever wondered what would happen if you actually answered one of those dodgy emails that end up in your spam filter? What begins as a cheeky response to a typical email scam evolves into a truly bizarre epistolary narrative. Taken verbatim directly from the original emails. 20 pages.

$3 CAD (shipping incl.)

The Empire Sucks Back

Jakob’s controversial views on exactly what makes The Empire Strikes Back a bad movie are expounded in this 16-page essay. Since there is no “try”, it’s up to you to decide if he does or does not make a strong argument. Afraid? You will be… you will be…



33 short stories—140 character and up—by Jakob Rehlinger. Some originally published on Twitter plus some slightly (but only just) longer works. Darkly humorous, cynically hopeful. 20 pages.

$3 CAD (shipping incl.)



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  1. […] on unimportant stuff and about the weird thing I just saw. In 2011 I turned it into a series of zines. Anyway, I used to fill out these kinds of silly questionnaire memes on it all the time back in […]

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