A babe-filled life awaits you

Babe-filled life: a spam folder soliloquy

A babe-filled life awaits you
Discreet hookups
Wild fast hookups
Facebook or Fuckbook?
Hookup tonight
Be the Pied Piper of chicks
Booze, babes and more

Give her more of your love rod
Smell sweeter below the belt
Hear ladies scream in bed
Change your life in 60 seconds
Find out how you can start making $6487 a month at home
Ass rimming the easy way

It is your turn to try the online pharmacy
You will love the results on your organ
Grow a big package today
It’s not hard to lengthen
Have the pecker of her dreams

There are certain factors that can interfere
with a man’s enjoyment of sex
Make her a happy camper
Bang her hard and make her moan
Be the master of the bed
Stop the embarrassment today
She is just being nice

Why do you need penis pills?
If you choose the right penis
enhancement pills that work for you,
you will find yourself unwilling to go back
to how sex used to be

The appearance of your penis will arouse your sex partners
She will surely pounce on you
Cockzilla is the word
Boobs as big as balloons
Progress from love guru to sex magnet
Enlarge your pole with wonder pills

We know your value
Feel yourself a sexual superman
and explore new angles of her bedroom
Your package is set to grow
Make her come again and again
Tsunami warning

What about love?

This poem was constructed from subject lines found in my email spam filter. All words verbatim, only spelling was corrected.


One Response to A babe-filled life awaits you

  1. Victoria Porter says:

    I love it!

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