Random poetry

Death worries

How can money expand past Death?
The accountant sketches spirits above the factory
outside the rattled shade
The color despises a stirring sweat inside the message
Art suffers without the greasy crown

Why does sickness strike art?
Loneliness leans against sex within the shed abandon
Jealousy awaits the poet
Wine marches inside flowers
The teapot seals sex
Art addicts sickness
Shadow objects devastate the poet

Should succour storm around the rumored poison?
Comfort gossips inside the lover
Hope flowers against fear
Does stone apologize underneath a cigarette?

The chocolate slave promises the wound
Its alert parade excuses Death
near the charmed ploy
Dreamland manufactures the cold flute
Should the wound freeze next to a battle?

The fog exits beside the lover
Spirits tire laughter
Smoke rebuilds stone
Stone enters the mangled playground
Flowers stray around this dusty shell

Death pinks the room

I “wrote” this poem-like compossition using the below link:
Something about random word associations are brain-tickling and a little irritating. But I rather enjoy the last line.  Death pinks the room, indeed.


3 Responses to Random poetry

  1. Oooh, neat!

    This is what I got from Siegfried and honkeytonk:

    “Seigfried withdraws without a fluid. Seigfried bumps against honkeytonk across the nearer mailbox. Her noisy leaflet pants.”

  2. Rob says:

    Can’t say it is much worse than modern (establishment) poetry !

    I’ll settle for a Sonnet of old Will or a bit of idealism from Whitman .

    Here we go :
    ‘Tyrannical liberalism calculates below whatever gate.
    A workable scotch expires near a culture. The steam flies underneath Technology . A melody nicks Technology beside the analogous physics. Why does tyrannical liberalism vanish in Technology ? Will the heat untidy tyrannical liberalism?

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