NOvember 2010™ wrap-up

As you might remember from my post at the beginning of the month, I’ve been on a strict diet for the month of NOvember™. Today (being my birthday) marks the end of the fast and time for a little celebratory indulging.

I started the day with a double Americano. The staff at the Second Cup were pleased to see me and were brewing my “usual” before I had a chance to say “I’d like a…” I swear those people have memories like elephants.

The great thing about going off caffeine for a month is that first cup hits you like a speedball. To say I was floating on clouds this  morning is an understatement along the lines of “Jupiter might be considered by some to be rather large”.

I also forgot how much it MAKES YOU PEE.

Lunch was poutine and a chocolate milkshake. That was really pushing the lactose envelope after a month dairy-free. So far I haven’t had explosive diarrhea. But I do feel like my stomach has lead weights tied to it.

I really did feel so much better this month not having dairy and fried foods at all. That isn’t to say the poutine wasn’t a culinary orgasm in my mouth (try a gang-bang of well-lubed flavour), but this sluggish, blah feeling wasn’t worth it.

That doesn’t mean I’m not drinking some beer tonight though. Oh no. This poutine incident isn’t preempting me from indulging in a nice winter ale (or two).

But I do think tomorrow I’ll be back on the NOvemberwagon for most of December (minus a few key feasting days). I just felt far healthier, more alert and generally happier (even when I was pining for a coffee or some chocolate).

Also, though I didn’t weigh myself at the start, my clothes fit a lot more comfortably.


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