NOvember(tm) 2010

It’s November 1st which means it’s the start of my annual post-Halloween-sugar-binge diet, NOvember(tm).*

It’s an easy diet to follow. Simply say NO to nasty foods.

• NO refined sugar
• NO dairy
• NO processed meat
• NO deep-fried foods
• NO yeast bread
• NO alcohol
• NO caffeine

It’s actually not as hard as you might think to cut these foods out of your diet. Well, except for the last item. I am, however, looking forward to some good sleeps this month. Hopefully not with my head on my desk.

*Not to be confused with Movember, which is also a good thing to do.


3 Responses to NOvember(tm) 2010

  1. TorontoKev says:

    Holy spacoli. I’m behind no processed, fried, refined. I can empathize with the rest, but I cannot endorse the caffeine!

    • mrdapper says:

      For most people, it’s probably not an important one to cut. But it seems to affect me with pronounced dire affects. I always feel a lot better when I’m not on the bean.

  2. […] you might remember from my post at the beginning of the month, I’ve been on a strict diet for the month of NOvember™. Today […]

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