Around The Corner

The west side of Sixth St. at Lakeshore is an interesting corner. Most Lakeshore Villagers would think of it as the home of the eminently sketchy Konrad Lounge. That’s a sad story in itself—a dirt bar that got a modern makeover on a reality TV show but didn’t manage to shake the old clientele— but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

A few doors down Lakeshore is The Village Butcher, a gourmet delicatessen. And if you keep walking around the corner up Sixth, past the Konrad, you’ll find Around The Corner, a new boutique breakfast place owned by the village Butcher folks.

It’s probably the only place in the city you’re going to find Duck-Duck Hash. That’s right, hash browns made with pulled duck meat.

Unfortunately, their specialty has been downgraded to being a “special” and isn’t available every day. Doubly unfortunately, it wasn’t available the day we went. On the duckless days, the hash is made with pulled pork instead. They were certainly good browns but I couldn’t help thinking with every bite the richer duck flavour would have been divine. If I hadn’t known about the possibility of having duck, I probably wouldn’t have had any qualms with the pulled-pork option (though it was a tad bland for pulled-pork). Really, it was a case of the grass being greener on the ducky side of the fence—if that makes sense. Next time.

Or maybe not. Who’s to say if it’ll be available then either. The menu really needs to be changed to reflect their new duck policy. Another problem with “next time” is I think I want to try the fruit-filled french toast. Dilemma.

Speaking of french toast, Mandi had the Banana Bread French Toast. She gave it high marks and I couldn’t deny it’s presentation was superb. Personally, I’m not a fan of banana bread so the piece she fed me merely tasted like a slightly improved version of banana bread (mind you, frying would improve a chunk of dish sponge too).

There was a slight error with the bill but it was minor enough it was worth three dollars to me  to let it slide and avoid dealing with it. I was fairly confident though it could have been easily rectified without any hassle. The staff and management seemed reasonably earnest in their desire to please.

Though at one point the music was turned up absurdly loud.

4 potential duck-ducks out of 5 absolutely not the Konrads.


One Response to Around The Corner

  1. Mandi says:

    Our waiter was ridiculously earnest, and was doing an amazing job in spite of the weird micro-management of the owner (I think he’s the one who turned up the music, and I think our waiter turned it down.).

    Anyway, never before have I experienced a server who seemed so genuinely interested in what people thought of their food. He was very attentive, and just an all around super nice seeming guy.

    Even the micro-manager was fine and nice, I just felt like he’d be annoying me if I was the server. To be fair, he runs back and forth through the back alley between the restaurant and the butcher shop, so I imagine he’s just trying to stay connected to both. When we went into the butcher shop to look for cheese after breakfast, he noticed us and asked us how our food was. He’s pretty observant, since we didn’t really have any interaction with him at the restaurant.

    The banana bread french toast was crazy good. I ate it all, and was really full. Also, I ate the egg that surprisingly (no mention of an egg on the menu) arrived on top of Jakob’s pig-pig hash.

    We’ll be back for sure. I am hoping it’s a duck day too.

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