Bench FAIL

Midway though a long hike along the Humber River, I needed a rest. I found this “BENCH” but opted to sit on the slightly more comfortable—and hygenic—looking pile of broken glass and rusty metal a little ways down.


2 Responses to Bench FAIL

  1. Victoria says:

    I saw a thing like that in a park in Scarborough a few years ago, but it was slightly more finely hewn, and it was in the middle of a clearing of trees. It looked very ceremonial. I was kind of afraid that if I sat in it I would be gruesomely sacrificed to the faeries or something.

    It’s kind of sad when there’s a better version of anything in Scarborough.

  2. mrdapper says:

    The strip malls in Scarborough are far superior to the ones here.

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