Blogs, podcasts, memes, Twitter, forums, LOLcats, downloads… All that is well and good. But one of the best things the Internet provides me with is a little more substantive than instant gratification.

Whenever I’m faced with the feeling things are taking a decided turn for the utter bullshit, the Internet steps in with an ounce of perspective. And I don’t mean the petty schadenfreudic catharsis of People Of  Walmart or Clients From Hell.

What I’m talking about is the Yoda-esque wisdom of the popular Twitter hashcode: #FML.

And by that I don’t mean to suggest Yoda is conveying to me, through the Internet, the aphorism: Your life. Fucked it is.

No, what I really mean is when I find myself muttering under my breath the dubious mantra, “Eff… em… el…” (or if the situation requires it, “Eff-Fucking-Em-El”), I realize I’ve reverted to being a whingeing emo teenager.


My El is never truly Effed. Not an uppercase Eff, at least.


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