Dundas Dining: North of Bombay

North of Bombay, one of four Indian restaurants in The Junction,  has one of the most confusing entrances of any restaurant I’ve ever seen. Two sets of completely reasonable looking doors.

Luckily, I’ve spent over a year staking the joint out so we didn’t make the mistake of trying to open the wrong set of doors. Also luckily, we were seated where we could watch people make that exact mistake. And a final piece of luck, a slight embarrassment with choosing the wrong set of doors is bound to be about the only drawback to your visit to North of Bombay.

We started with some amazing vegetable pakoras. These orgasmic little bundles of deep-fried delight were practically a meal in themselves.  I dare say they performed several positions of the Kama Sutra on my tongue before sliding easily down my throat.

After that divinely sensual experience of greasy starch, we shared a chicken vindaloo which leaned towards the tomato side of vindaloo and entirely away from the potato end of the spectrum. It was a nice change from the “this is just our darker, hotter curry” school of vindaloo—a school I’m a big fan of, mind you—which you normally find in Toronto. Yet it wasn’t as amazing as the pakoras had been. It was merely a very good vindaloo.

The naan bread was also top notch, clearly made from scratch, and authentically delicious. But speaking of authentic,  there were oddly no Indian beers available. I don’t believe there were even any IPAs on the list (Keiths sure as hell doesn’t count). So we had Guinness, but from bottles, sadly, not on tap.

The staff were competent, helpful and pleasant. There was nothing, really, to complain about (aside from the beer menu). One of our better Dundas Dining experiences.

4.5 vindaloos our of 5 pakoras


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