TwitFic: Haiku Week

Last week was Haiku Week at Mr. Dapper’s Tweets of Wisdom. I’m a big fan of the much maligned haiku and other Japanese short-form poems. Truly, there is some terrible faux-etry written in the name of this ancient art, but some of the best poetry in the history of the world is the noble haiku.

A common misconception about haiku is the 5-7-5 syllable count. This is a simplification applied by some British colonial dude who is ultimately responsible for all those bad grade school poems about kittens and sports. The rules that govern the haiku form are actually much more sophisticated and subtle and can only be truly followed using the Japanese language.

For these “haiku”, I stuck to the Anglo-American 5-7-5 format because it seemed the best way to ensure a 140 character limit. Though writing a haiku with over 140 characters would probably be a feat in itself.

christmas orange rind
fading to brown, curls and cracks
snake skin from a fruit

another layer
white petals of ice blossoms
ghosts of footprints fade

branch drips on warm snow
dog-walker up the grey road
melts into the dark

commuter torrent
afloat in paper cups leaves
a wake of coffee

coffee, two sugars
bitter winds that kiss her face
cannot be sweetened


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