Dundas Dining: The Friendly Thai

One of the appeals of Dundas Dining in the Junction is dodgy atmospheres and awkward interactions with the wait staff. You always have a story to tell. Which is important when you’re blogging restaurant reviews. sadly, The Friendly Thai offered us no stories.

The atmosphere is slick, modern and hip and the staff professional. Unless I wanted to nit-pick, I couldn’t really fault our waiter. If I did want to nit-pick, which I don’t, I might suggest he was a smidge too attentive at the start of the meal and a little too inattentive at the end. This was probably due to us being the only people besides himself in the restaurant at the time (it was early in the evening). What else was he going to do but be attentive? Once the six o’clock shift showed up, their attention was focussed on Christmas staff schedules. But I said I didn’t want to nit-pick. They were loud about it though. But not too loud. Mandi feels bad for the staff that weren’t there to be in on the discussion though. She feels like they were getting screwed.

As I mentioned, The Friendly Thai is hip and modern in decor. It has a little of the feel of a lounge with only a single dragon and some bamboo to give the place a hint of the Orient. They were playing The Stills instead of the usual Exotic Sounds of Thailand type CD which was a little weird, but since I’d forgotten I rather like The Stills, I didn’t mind.

I’m not sure why we look at menus at Thai restaurants because Mandi always gets the Pad Thai and I always get the Green Curry, but we did look at the menu and it had all the usual suspects on it. A few weeks back we went to Baan Thai and had the same thing. You might remember, my curry had frozen vegetables on it. This curry was made with fresh vegetables. It wasn’t as spicy though and the coconut sauce was perhaps a shade too thick and rich. It was still good though and lacked a giant pile of canned bamboo shoots, which I abhor, and Baan Thai excels in.

How did Mandi’s Pad Thai compare? “They’re both fine. It’s fine. I think I was more impressed with Baan Thai because my expectations were so low. I feel like Pad Thai is kind of meh always.” Fair enough.

The bottom line is The Friendly Thai is as good a Thai restaurant as you’re likely to stumble upon in Toronto (by my experience) as any. A safe bet. But not the best Thai you’ll ever have.

And no stories to tell your friends, just a pleasant time.

4 Pads out of 5 Thais


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