TwitFic #1: Bookish Types

I’ve been writing five-part short fiction on the Mr. Dapper’s Tweets of Wisdom for the past several weeks. 140 characters of drama every monday through friday. I suppose they end up being what we used to call “postcard fiction” but I wonder if that even exists anymore, in the internet age. I’ve decided to start compiling them here every Friday. This was the first installment:

He met her at a mutual friend’s book signing. They soon found themselves bound together like the pages that surrounded them.

They spent years turning their days into volumes of poetry. They agonised over each metaphor and delighted in unexpected rhymes.

Until one afternoon, pages began to fall out of the book of their life like dry, brittle leaves from a dying tree. Suddenly indecipherable, her familiar words drifted over his head. He wondered what had cracked their spine; dissolved their binding’s glue.

She supposed they’d simply read too much into their fateful meeting. Between the lines there was, it turned out, only empty space.


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