NOvember™ Update

There’s just a little under a week left of NOvember™ and I’ve managed to stick to the rules I set out for myself. At this point it’s not going to be any great feat to finish up the month. In fact, it’s already getting hard to imagine where I was eating all that bread and sugar originally. It seems absurd. I even feel like I’ve forgotten how to prepare a meal that is anything but a simple clumping together of vegetables, rice and some form of protein.

If I were going to stick to this strict diet, I’d clearly have to look at some cookbooks and get some ideas for incorporating a little more variety into the week’s menu plan. Last night, out of desperation, I put curry on mashed potatoes just so I wouldn’t be eating rice. It’s delicious, by the way.

I will say this about NOvember™, it’s sapped the spice from my life. Not being able to indulge in a piece of chocolate at lunch, a pint of ale after work, an americano on the weekend… it all adds up to a rather dampened existence. It’s also interesting that I seem to have taken to eating far too many servings of fruit and nuts per day.

I seem to be able to find dietary loopholes and I substitute one form of unbalanced eating for another. I’ve averaged about six clementines a day on top of various servings of other fruits and berries. I clearly like “sweet” whether it’s Halloween candy or Christmas oranges. And I think if I observe NOvember™ next year, I’ll have to include peanuts on the list. It’s amazing I’ve managed to lose weight instead of gain.

Which was part of the impetus for taking NOvember™ on. Quality Street season is about to swing into action and I’m ready to meet it head on.


2 Responses to NOvember™ Update

  1. Rob says:

    Congratulations ! Peanuts ( unsalted !) are an awesome snack , mixed with raisins or something is even better.

    I haven’t touched any coffee this month. Stopped drinking Alcoholic beverages mid-November and will do so until the Christmas break. Peanut butter sandwiches are the only thing I can’t cut out , it has been a Lunch staple since I was a kid.

    Don’t think I have lost any significant weight, just feel a bit more healthy . Not drinking Alchohol is embarrassing when you’re a student.

    • nerdhurdles says:

      Even peanuts unsalted are uber-high in calories. Perhaps the highest calorie per tiny little bud food ever. But pretty healthy. I can’t do unsalted though. ha.

      I’m looking forward to having a) that first coffee after a month of solid no-coffee and b) that first ale.

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