Things you see on the escalator

The old man at the foot of the escalator gripped the moving handrail. He’d take a step, move his hand up and it would slide down with the backward movement of the black rubber. As his feet took a step up and forward, the metal stairs would move down and backward. He was remaining absolutely stationary while climbing the escalator the wrong direction.

People were craning their necks to watch him, muttering to each other speculations of whether he was confused or crazy. He had a look of determined concentration which lead me to believe his action  was intended. He was using the escalator as a Stair-Master. He was not confused or senile, but people might have been correct to speculate he was a bit crazy.

Just before getting on the train, I looked back to check on his progress. He was still in the same spot but an audience had formed a circle around him.


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