Just say NOvember™

Between Thanksgiving and Halloween my eating habits spiralled out of control. Not terribly (if you don’t count the 700g bag of Rockets), but enough to not be comfortable with. So I am invoking NOvember™ to detox from all the tricks, treats, turkey and tippling. Until my birthday at the end of the month I will consume:

» NO sugar. My general rule (part of the Mr. Dapper’s No Crap-Foods Live-it™) for the last few years has been to not eat refined sugar. But over time this rule has become rather lax—culminating in the aforementioned 700g bag of Rockets.

» NO bread. Given the opportunity I will eat a loaf of bread at every meal. Especially with cheese or peanut butter or jam or garlic butter. So I’d cut out yeast breads from my general diet a few years ago (again, part of Mr. Dapper’s No Crap-Foods Live-it™). For NOvember™ I’m expanding this to include flatbread and wraps as well. My starches will come in rice and potato form.

» NO dairy. Cheese leads to bread leads to cheese leads to bread leads to cheese… Due to my innate desire for the substance, cheese was cut out of my diet long ago (yes, Mr. Dapper’s No Crap-Foods Live-it™). It seems to have wedged its way back into my life lately though. Usually on the back of a piece of bread.

» NO alcohol. I haven’t actually been drinking an unhealthy amount but this ties in with the no sugar/no yeast thing.

» NO deep-fried foods. This mostly applies to those potatoes which will be replacing tortilla wraps as a staple of my diet.

» NO caffeine. At all. I’d already quit drinking coffee and tea Sunday-Fridays, but on Saturday mornings I’ve indulged in an Americano. The problem is my body now has such a low tolerance for the drug I’ve been up until 3am bugging out on Saturday nights.

» NO snacks in the evening. I’ve somehow gotten into the habit of snacking in the evening—mostly on the aforementioned 700g bag of Rockets—and this has caused some sleep issues as well.

Sometimes I suspect I place these dietary rules on myself more for the enjoyment of following a strict discipline than purely for healthy-living reasons. Everyone loves a challenge. I was considering including in NOvember™ non-dietary considerations such as NO ordering off Amazon and NO using Twitter at work. But the point of NOvember™ is to improve your life, not make it suck.

I encourage you to invoke NOvember™ in your own life. Just say NO to whatever you feel you’re indulging in too much, dietary or otherwise,  for the rest of the month.


4 Responses to Just say NOvember™

  1. X says:

    We humans are such slaves to our palates.

  2. Rob says:

    What do you have for lunch at work if you can’t have bread?

    I should probably drop my caffeine intake, Four mugs of strong black coffee a day . My first step has been to stop drinking Starbucks latte three/four times a week and put the money in a CD purchase. I may cut out the lunch time coffee next.

    No alcohol is unacceptable, especially when trying to be sociable and chilled out.

    That is all , over and out. Good luck!

    • mrdapper says:

      When I stopped drinking coffee that was $2.49 staying in my pocket every morning. Which is something like $500 a year. which is a few CDs.

      You can eat lean turkey or tuna without bread on either side of it quite easily.

  3. My job at the bakery makes it very hard to avoid bread. I admire your NOvember resolve.

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