Dream recaps, irony + movie meal

» I’ve been having a few strange dreams lately. Actually, I have them all the time but lately a few have stuck in my mind weeks later. The first was when I was convincing Barack Obama he should wear a set of mottled-brown leathers. I’m not sure why it was important he wore them but it was and he looked good in the jacket and pants. I think perhaps some kind of food riot was averted. In the other dream I was a disgruntled Harry Potter or  generic Hogwarts student teamed-up with the Malfoys on a heist. The dream took place after the fact and was centered around laundering the loot in a magic sock drawer at the Burrow. There was some drama about keeping Molly out of that bedroom.

» Today in irony: I generally feel much more awake having stopped drinking coffee.

» It’s been hot. Hot enough that upon leaving the air-conditioned theatre where we saw Distric 9 we immediately, without hesitation, walked into a showing of Miyazaki’s new film, Ponyo (perhaps on the sly). It was a good way to spend a far too hot Sunday afternoon. Especially delicious was the contrast between two of the best films I’ve seen this year. D-9 was like a full roast beef dinner of heavy ideas, poignant emotion and visceral violence topped with perhaps a tad too rich shaky-cam sauce. Ponyo was a perfect dessert of brightly coloured, frothy sorbet made with fresh raspberries and a slightly weak finish.


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