Off the road again

Collateral Damage

We went on a trip. We killed a lot of bugs with the car. Other bugs fed on the corpses of their slain brethren. The circle of life is a glorious thing.

Two perks

My recent vacation had a few unexpected perks. The first was I didn’t realize what a relief it would be to not do anything on the internet for a week. No emails, no forums, no Twitter, no blogging, no podcasts. All the things I’m normally obsessive about. I suppose that’s a clear indication I’ve developed a bit of an internet compulsion.  And by “developed” I mean I’ve force-fed it growth hormones for the better part of the last ten years. Having a week off really put it into perspective that a lot of the time I spend on the internet is a daily vacation from reality. Being on vacation, I didn’t need it.

I’ve also accidentally weened myself off coffee. It wasn’t intentional. It wasn’t even really a matter of circumstance since I’m sure I could have found coffee anywhere we were. I’m hoping early work-week mornings won’t have the bean back on my back. Mid-week had me doubting this decision but I’m beginning to feel like everything is going to be okay.

Things are kind of the same all over

I was able to carve three more notches in my province belt: Quebec, New Brunswick and PEI. I don’t actually have a literal province belt, but now I’ve been to seven of this countries ten official political regions. The thing about Central and Eastern Canada is it’s a lot like British Columbia. Perhaps that’s because BC contains so many climate zones. I was constantly thinking: this is like the area around Nelson; this is the Comox Valley; this is like Kelowna; you’d almost believe we’re on the Malahat here; this place looks like towns in the foothills of the Rockies. If I’d been blind-folded and dropped in one of the places in Quebec, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia we visited, I couldn’t say for sure I wasn’t somewhere in the Lower Mainland like Delta. Really only PEI felt like I was really visiting somewhere else. It’s really all the same terrain from Toronto (once you’re out of the smog belt) to Nova Scotia. Of course, NS was delightfully cool ( actually cold at times) and almost entirely lacking humidity. It was probably the best vaction locale  I’ve ever been to.

Old école

I suppose an exception to the above assertion was Old Quebec City. It’s like a Hollywood backlot vision of “generic European city.” Of course, at the same time it’s the real thing and the only reason it feels like you’re in Frenchie-Town at Disneyland is it’s been touristized to death. I’m not sure anyone could actually be a resident there who isn’t directly involved in the tourist trade. Anywhere that might have sold groceries is selling postcards or women’s fashions. Which is really too bad. Though the abundance of restaurants meant I did have the best poutine of the trip there accompanied by a really nice local beer.

Wedding GOWN

The whole point of this trip was Andrew got married. We stayed in his semi-vacant 100-year old farmhouse. It had a David Lynch living room and some kind of Stephen King rooms upstairs. It was a great place to stay and not just because it was free. It gave us a feeling of having a “home” while away which you don’t really get in hotels and hostels.

As the wedding season ramps up for us this summer (we have two more to attend this summer starting tomorrow), Mandi and I have been noting what a lovely, simple wedding Andrew and Stephanie had. I’m not sure Andrew would agree, as he spent the week in a state of near mental collapse, but it was short, sweet, casual and unpretentious. It was a really good time and it was nice to see Andrew, when he wasn’t freaking out, happy.


2 Responses to Off the road again

  1. […] holiday which we forgot to properly annouce we’d be going on. You can read about that at Mr. Dapper. The goal is to end the hiatus tonight (August 14th, say 8pm EST?) with an episode on music […]

  2. X says:

    i love that room with the creepy rocking chair. If that chair could talk…

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