To blog or not to blog

I wonder how many blog posts have that very title? Probably over one dozen-million. The last time I saw the stat on how many blogs their are in the world, it made me want to quit blogging. Which I feel like I have of late. Or this blog has evolved into a sort of review blog as opposed to a cataloguing of my observations on life and the world around me. So what have I noticed lately?

  • The garbage strike only really affects people with children.
  • The Sunshine Man (jovial, manic panhandler on the corner outside the office building) thinks Chris Brown is an insincere douchebag and his “apology” for beating up Rhianna is bunk. I think he’s probably right. These are things I don’t really care about.
  • I’ve gone flatbread crazy.
  • Flatbread is just really expensive crackers.
  • I think I’m bored of beer again. It’s wine time. Which is unusual for me in summer. Since I don’t like white wine much. Maybe it’s time to start exploring white wine.
  • I haven’t bought my pants for Andrew’s wedding yet. I should try to do that at lunch today. I suspect I won’t. I, apparently, am terrified of the GAP.
  • I’m not at all comfortable with the idea of motorized seats at the cinema. Unless it’s a 3D movie. But then it seems like movies will just become amusement park rides instead of films.
  • I think, since I have nothing to write about, I might start reviewing cheeses of the worldon this blog.
  • Wine, flatbread and cheese. What am I? A shepherd?
  • The aftermath of Michael Jackson’s death was the final nail in the coffin of our civilization’s collective sanity.
  • This is why I just write restaurant and music reviews now…

4 Responses to To blog or not to blog

  1. X says:

    your blogs use to be very entertaining – back when you use to write social commentaries with a burning wit. I don’t know, maybe you are mellowing with age and no longer see the need to give scathing, yet entertaining opinions. Just be careful not to go from bitchy to boring. But then, maybe you don’t give a shit. And that’s ok too.

    I’m just sayin.


  2. shara says:

    let me know how the white wine thing goes. I’ve been too scared off by it my entire life, perhaps because of the incident when I was 18 and had never drunk alcohol before.

    • Jakob says:

      That might not happen. We took some rosé to a BBQ last weekend which I wasn’t so hot on. It was FU Zion too. Perhaps they’re not big on half-breeds.

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